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helping the busy professional simplify health, live a low-toxic lifestyle, and better care for the world + environment.

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to feel complicated or out of your reach, all you have to do is start with lemon.
                          oh hey, I'm Alexis!

I help people just like you create a healthy lifestyle that is simple, realistic, clean and accessible.

Why should you trust me? Because I know first hand how impossible living healthier may seem, and I proved myself wrong.

When I lived in Hanoi, Vietnam a year ago, it felt like everyone around me was sick and everything I needed to feel better was inaccessible. The air quality was bad, it was hard to breath or see, and I couldn’t even buy a simple lemon from the market.

This is when I realized how powerful essential oils were and how they have the ability to give health to anyone who needs it around the world. Having the ability to start my day with lemon water after having a lemon essential oil shipped to me practically saved my health while living abroad, and it’s also why I now teach people like you to Start With Lemon.



you deserve it


Are you ready to create a life of health that actually works?

One that is clean, non-toxic, good for you, gives you energy, gives back to the environment + those in need?

I only work with clients 1:1 in the context of creating a lifestyle full of the highest quality health products ever made. We work with doTERRA essential oils to create a 3 month wellness plan + protocol to help you improve your health and detoxify your life from the inside out. If you want to see massive and lasting lifestyle changes, this is for you.



This is THE space for you to create your healthy lifestyle in the most affordable way yet.

Becoming a member gives you monthly accountability, group coaching calls, access to Alexis, meal guides, fitness guides, trainings, and more.

It’s everything you need to make a difference in your health. For good.

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Stop putting your health off. Let's work together to create a clean, healthy, simple, realistic, and affordable lifestyle.
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