MEET Alexis

I’m Alexis Krcelic, your donut and coffee shop loving holistic + plant-based health and wellness coach. I’m so excited you’re joining me on this journey to a balanced life and an energized you.  

I use to be stuck. I had no clue how to be healthy. Food has always been my passion and as I learned more about the effects of food on our bodies, I dove deep into health. I loved the idea of being health but I was confused, overwhelmed, often restrictive in my way of eating, and felt alone with no one to help guide me.

When I was 10 I cut out some meat because I loved animals. Through learning about the effects of the animal industry on the environment, and the harm done to animals, I became a vegetarian with little to no help. In college I decided it was time to get my health together and learn how to make a healthy lifestyle work despite my day being booked up from 8:30 am to 10 pm, eating in a cafeteria at my university, and never having properly worked out in my life. I also began to educate myself daily on veganism.

In 2015 I became vegan, learned about fitness, and changed how I was living. I cooked 21 meals for $30 every week. I began to educate others on how to build a lifestyle through habits that they loved and kept them feeling energized and alive. I felt better than I had in my entire life.

My journey wasn’t always easy. Often times it was difficult and riddled with obstacles, disappointment, and overwhelm. But I’ve learned one very important thing: If you’re committed to making it work, despite your knowledge or circumstances, you can find a healthy way of living that fits into your life, schedule, and budget.

Making a real change takes a willingness to start and support. That’s what I’m here for!

You don't have to stay stuck in how you currently feel.

ABOUT Start With Lemon

Start With Lemon is about realness, balance, and YOU.

My goal at Start With Lemon is to show you how to create, implement, and adjust your lifestyle for any/all circumstances so you can carry it with you no matter where you are and the calm or craziness that is life.

I serve my clients in designing a healthy lifestyle they can stick to, they love, they thrive off of, and feel great doing. I help them take their lifestyle and adapt it to their circumstances and situation.

Start With Lemon’s method is a bit different. It’s not about restriction, diet, crazy fads, or anything that you realistically won’t keep up with after coaching. It’s about two things: starting and getting back to basics. I work WITHIN your life, not against it.

My four-step signature method for creating a healthy lifestyle is based on the 4 R’s:

1. Reevaluate: Goals, obstacles, and current lifestyle

2. Remove: Food, habits, obstacles, etc. that do not serve you

3. Relearn: How to accomplish your goals, how to make them a reality in your life, how to constantly adapt lifestyle for your circumstances

4. Replace: Food, habits, exercise plan, and routines

Through this method, you will learn how to create and implement a healthy lifestyle that has you feeling energized, balanced, and peaceful. By the end, you will have created a new way to live!