client testimonials

 “Before working with Alexis, I knew I needed to make major changes in my diet but I kept putting it off. I'd tried some things here and there but nothing really stuck. Also I felt uncomfortable with detoxes because it didn't seem natural.

When Alexis shared her process, it was like exactly what I'd been looking for. Even when I started I wasn't sure I'd be able change my sugar addiction because it started over 4 years ago. But at least making the decision to work with Alexis was the first serious step I'd made towards change.

And I'm blown away by the results and being able to quit my sugar addiction altogether. It was not easy especially the first few weeks and on top of it a lot of things came up in my personal life and traveling.

But despite some difficult circumstances I was able to get results and it's because of the knowledge and support Alexis gave me. She helped me to stay focused on my long-term goal but she did so in a very fun, light and encouraging way. Most of all she motivated me to experience what life feels like when I am living healthier. I'm still amazed actually, that such a big lifestyle shift could happen for me and above all I'm so so grateful!”

- Yun-A

8 Week Package


"My favorite part of the program has to be the results. Although I enjoyed working with Alexis and benefitting from her deep and keen knowledge of this type of lifestyle, achieving the results is invigorating and inspiring. I hoped the Wellness with Alexis plan would work but I was still skeptical about any plan that would help me sustain my good habits after the program ended. I figured I would lose "some" weight and reduce my cholesterol number a little bit.

The bottom line is that I was shocked! In two months, I dropped my weight from 222 to 202, I reduced my triglycerides from a dangerous 387 to 118, and also reduced my overall cholesterol and blood pressure. I have been able to sustain my eating habits (with some minor deviation from time to time). Overall, IT WORKED beyond my imagination. My doctor saw my lab results and looked at them in amazement. He said, “What did you do?” I reminded him that he did change one of my prescriptions for cholesterol. He laughed and said, “That may have helped a few points but not ‘this.’" I gave him Alexis’ card and told him that this is what I did. I followed her program and the results stand for themselves. He was in awe of how a program of this nature could produce such life changing results. 

I can continue to describe how great the program is and all of the benefits that allowed me to create a new and heathy lifestyle, many that I probably don’t even realize yet. I will try to boil it down into one simple sentence: Wellness with Alexis not only changed my life, it saved my life."

- Gene

4 week healthy you


"Alexis helped me overcome some of my anxieties and helped me to deal with stress much better than I ever have. She has also helped to motivate me and push me to challenge myself daily. I have become more aware of what I put into my body, and how important it is to listen to my body. She was helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and a good influence on my behaviour. She was also available at all times for any questions I had."

- Katie

2-week jumpstart


"I highly recommend Alexis! During our consultation call I learned so much that researching on my own hasn't taught me. She is clearly passionate about what she does and genuinely wants to help you. I loved how personable she is and she is jam packed with value and knowledge that she is so excited to share.I learned a lot from our call and definitely researched more into what we talked about! I changed my diet up and have definitely seen some results. You really know your stuff and it didn't feel like a business call but rather a call with a friend who really cared about my health and wanting me to feel my best."

- Heidi

1:1 coaching session


“I had never worked with a health coach before and didn't really know what to expect but I knew something had to change!

A couple years earlier I had to have surgery to repair a hiatal hernia and I had never felt like I healed from that, having malabsorption issues and having to periodically get vitamin injections. I also had bloating that was actually painful.

The first thing Alexis did was focus on my gut health and I got so many more results other than gut health above and beyond what I had hoped to achieve. Just 8 weeks later, the bloating was gone and because of careful monitoring I knew what foods I could tolerate.

Because of that awareness, I learned that a horrible cough I'd had for a long time, and my family was highly concerned about, was triggered by cheese! My energy was up and I am more productive and focused than I think I've ever been in my life. I was able to come completely off anxiety meds and now handle stress with ease. For the first time ever, my thin hair is growing and getting thicker and my hairdresser noticed without me saying a word. It was the first thing she asked me about when I sat down in her chair. The benefits from fixing my gut health has changed so many areas of my life I never expected! What a wonderful surprise!

Working with Alexis exceeded my expectations! She checked in daily, keeping me accountable and worked through issues to find solutions and helped change my life in so many positive ways!”

- Debi

8 Week Package


“I was feeling quite sluggish, unfocused and less productive. Within a couple of days I noticed a significant change in my energy and ability to focus and my productivity increased significantly. I would have to say that my energy level and productivity is the most significant change.

I was in the process of launching two new business models, while running my current business, taking care of two grandkids and homeschooling one day a week and I was seriously struggling. Since then I have had the energy to manage all of that mentally and energetically and have seen one of those new businesses start to take off super fast! .”

- Debi

10-day vegan challenge


"Alexis’ approach is very informative and her suggestions are accurate. I would definitely suggest anyone looking to integrate a holistic  approach  to contact her to get the ball rolling and make the changes necessary to live a full, healthy life."

- Reza


1:1 coaching session

Before working with Alexis: “I was lost, overwhelmed, tired, sick and anxious.”

After working with Alexis: “I was in control of my lifestyle, balanced, and energized. I was able to better manage my anxiety and digestion by healing my gut and creating a daily routine that answered my needs.”


2 - Week Jumpstart


"For me, you have come into my life in the exact moment I needed you the most. I'm really grateful, it was so helpful! I like the daily routines you made me incorporate in my life and the information about vitamins and nutrition. These past weeks I have improved a LOT on my physical and mental health and energy. I also feel motivated to continue with this healthy life in the future."

1:1 coaching session