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How do you feel?

When’s the last time you really checked in with yourself to see how you felt?

I can guess that your honest answer to yourself would be something like this: “Tired, exhausted, overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, busy, barely have time for anything else, much less myself.”

I’m here to help you change that answer. 2019 is the year you take control of your health.


Because we are going to make over your lifestyle in a simple, easy, and sustainable way.

Diets, detoxes, weight loss teas, meal plans. None of it works. To become truly healthy, you need a lifestyle change.

Being healthy is not complicated and we’re going to break it down real simple.

This program was created because you don’t have endless time to worry about your health. You need a real solution that keeps you healthy for good!

The answer lies in your lifestyle.

Welcome to Start Fresh! This 6 week online course will give you the exact blueprint you need to hit your health goals and redesign your lifestyle with ease. Whether your goals are to lose weight, clear your skin, build healthy habits, or stay consistent with eating well this program will help you accomplish all of that and more!

Start Fresh program is going to help you:

  • eat a balanced diet

  • reduce and eliminate stress through lowering cortisol

  • lose extra weight through sustainable lifestyle changes

  • sleep so well that you feel rested every morning

  • learn to eat more whole, plant based, nourishing foods easily

  • reduce mood swings, anxiety, and low serotonin levels

  • have control over your own body + emotions

  • get accountability to stay healthy all year

  • establish healthy habits + routines that enhance your health

  • have energy to do all of the things you love


How does it work?

This program is a 6 week intensive course. It’s for those who are ready to make a change, have 2019 be different, and finally have someone hold their hand so they can make real changes in a simple way that works.

This is NOT one more thing to put on your to do list. It’s simple actions to do daily that will change the way you live.


How are we transforming my lifestyle?

Start Fresh includes:

Daily wellness plan to walk you through transforming your life

Meal + fitness guides, workbooks, and more

Weekly trainings (see below for content)

Private Facebook group for support, accountability, + learning

You also get to stay in the program for life!


Give me the details

Week 1: Lifestyle Assessment + Clean Up

This week sets the foundation for everything we will accomplish! Think of it as spring cleaning for your health. This week we are taking a hard look at every aspect of your lifestyle to see if it contributes to your health or does not. If it doesn’t I’m teaching you how to clean up those habits that don’t serve you. You’ll also be learning how to plan for success. 

Week 2: Balanced Diet + Supplements 

Food! We all love it but it can be confusing to know exactly what to eat. You’ll be learning the basics of proper nutrition, how to eat more plant based foods that are delicious, how to eat to reach your health goals, and learning how to eat so your body is full of energy and nutrition. Bye bye complicated eating. Hello simple, healthy meals. 

Week 3: Fitness

We’re making over our bodies! We’re starting fresh on your workout routine and finding movement that fits into your schedule and you look forward to doing. You’ll be receiving a workout guide to follow as a tool to help you accomplish your mental and physical goals. 

Week 4: Morning + Night Routines and Daily Habits 

Routines and habits are essential because they control our entire day. We’ll be cleaning up any bad habits. You’ll also create a perfect and simple morning and night time routine that leaves you refreshed for the day or perfectly calm for the night. 

Week 5: Reducing Toxins In Home + Environment 

Toxins and chemicals are not something any of us want around. This wee you’ll follow a simple protocol to remove chemicals and toxins from your home and environment including skincare, smells, cleaning supplies, and more! You will also learn how to make many of your own products to simplify your life and save money! 

Week 6: Stress, Anxiety, + Sleep 

How would it feel to reduce or eliminate stress in your life? Pretty amazing, right? Prepare yourself to feel just that. This final week you’ll learn all of the tools you need to reduce stress and anxiety for good. We’re also making over your sleep routine so you feel rested, energized, and excited to wake up every morning. Now that would be revolutionary! 

Is it for me?

Do you want more control over your body and how you feel?

Do you want to stop worrying about your health or weight?

Do you want accountability to make healthy changes for yourself?

Do you want to be stress and anxiety free?

Do you want someone to finally take care of you for once?

Do you want to start fresh and finally be as healthy as you’ve always wanted?

If you said yes to any of these, this program is for you.


What are people saying?

“Such a great way to focus on so many areas in my life that needed improvement. I feel like I am more committed to my health journey! Thank you so much!”

“I am back at my friends where everyone is on some kind of diet. can I tell you how boring it is to hear people talk about diets? It is so annoying....and they were like what do you do? I said I eat what my body wants and needs and I exercise!”

Biggest outcome:

“More energy, better sleep which is huge for me! Feeling like I am more organized with my morning and nighttime routines and really meal prepping!!”

“More energy!”


who's leading you?

Alexis is the health + wellness coach at Start With Lemon. Alexis was not naturally healthy. She found it to be complicated, expensive, and too much information to have to know. Little by little, she began to change her lifestyle and she saw incredible results and changes in her life, health, body, and relationships. So she wanted to break it down very simply for you and give you daily steps to follow to create a lifestyle that works for YOU and is sustainable for the long term.

Step into a fresh, healthy, confident you.

What are you waiting on? Health doesn’t have to be hard. You just have to start fresh.