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You’re stuck + feel blah.

Health shouldn’t be this complicated but you can’t seem to reach the goals you want.

You want easy enough things.

Lose some weight. Eliminate anxiety. Stress less. Clear up your skin. Exercise more. Eat well. Develop good habits.

All of these seem simple and straight forward things but for the life of you you can’t seem to make them stick.

Why is it so hard?

> > Maybe no one else around you is trying to be healthy so you keep giving in to boozy brunches, lazy Sundays, and eating out at work.

>> Maybe you feel crippled by your anxiety and stress and worry that if you share it with anyone they’ll just tell you to get over it.

>> Maybe you don’t have a lot of support at home so you follow what everyone else is doing because you do not want to inconvenience those you care about.

>> Maybe you just can’t seem to find any motivation. At one time you were doing so well then something came up, then another thing, and before you knew it, you aren’t where you wanted to be and you can’t seem to get in the groove again.

>>Maybe you only see people working out for 7 hours, living in Bali, seeming so happy all the time, and eating expensive avocados for every meal so you don’t bother because you know that’s not realistic for you.

You’re stuck.

And unhappy.


I don’t know a single person who doesn’t have some form of anxiety or stress in 2019.

Well, I’m here to tell you that simply won’t do!

You need to cleanse.

Not a juice or soup cleanse. But a deep mind-body detox. You need two weeks for everything to change.

Mind-Body Detox is perfect for you.

This detox will be intense, potentially draining, and life altering. It will create massive shifts in your mindset, mental health, physical body, and your ability to achieve every single health goal you set.

I’m creating this incredibly powerful and affordable program for two main reasons.

1. When I was stuck trying to reach my health goals (reducing anxiety, clearing up my skin, balancing hormones, and losing body fat) I desperately needed a push. I needed to know how to reconnect my mind and body and create changes that would actually last.

2. You deserve to be healthy. It is not a luxury. It’s not just for the rich. It’s not just for those who work from home. It’s for YOU. You owe yourself the chance to get unstuck and really step into your healthiest mind and body yet.


What will we be covering?

I mentioned this program will be intense.

We have A LOT to cover in two weeks but if you’re ready to put in the work, you will see incredible results.

We will start with the mind but it is extremely important to note that what we do physically has a significant impact on our health mentally and our mental health greatly affects our physical wellbeing. The two cannot be separated.

Week 1: Mind

Releasing stress + how to manage it daily

Top techniques to reduce anxiety

Learning to acknowledge + manage our mental health

Actively detoxing from social media + that which causes anxiety

Identifying your triggers for stress, anxiety, + mood swings and how to combat them

Motivation: how to find it and create it so it sticks around

Releasing guilt around food, exercise, and health

Mindset shifts needed for weight loss

Overcoming deep fears holding you back

Uncovering what’s holding you back from actually achieving your goals

Creating realistic expectations that will push you past your comfort zone

How to create results that will last

Becoming familiar with obstacles + how to easily overcome them

How to never let your mind stop you again

Releasing our old habits, ways, + stories around our health/body

Week 2: Body

How to listen to your body + discover what you actually need

Cleaning up food that is not serving you

Learning the power of food journaling for cleansing the body

Incorporating more delicious veggies + whole nourishing foods

Reconnecting your mind and body

Habit analyzation: how to create new habits + eliminate old ones

Learn to sleep well for ultimate rejuvenation of the body

Creating mindfulness practices to bring your attention + awareness back to your body

Together we will be: drinking more water, sweating daily, + eliminating caffeine and dairy


How does the program work?

This program will be simple and easy for you to follow.

>> 2x weekly live trainings

>> Daily to do list for the detox

>> Final Q+A live

>> Private Facebook group to share your journey

>> Weekly emails including worksheets, recordings, + other materials

We begin Monday March 25th with only 20 spots.

The first 10 spots get my bonus lifestyle Detox checklist, a healthy morning + night routine, and a live training on goal setting that actually works.

You get all of this for only $75. But you’re an early bird! Until Friday you get the program for only $50.

Why is it so inexpensive?

Because it felt right. I wanted you to have access to this detox no matter your age, budget, or employment status. You deserve to live a healthy and bright life.

I’m a VIP

Included in the VIP is 2 weeks of messenger daily support + 2x coaching calls with Alexis.

It’s your time to step into your ideal healthy life (physically + mentally) in a simple, realistic, and sustainable way.

Most of my programs focus on physical health. This program takes a step back and works on the foundation of our mental and physical health and the connection they have to each other. This is not to just get you feeling well physically, but also mentally.

Stop holding onto your fears. Whatever has happened in the past with your health is in the past. Today is a new day. It’s a new chance to begin again. Today is the day to recommit to your health and make real + sustainable changes.

Before we can launch into our exciting new health goals, we have to first detox the crud out of our mind and body. You will be able to achieve some without clearing out the junk first, but nothing like what you will be accomplishing after these two weeks.

You’ll find that these two weeks will give you:




Less anxiety

Improved mental health

Stress busting techniques

Increased happiness

More energy

Foundation for new goals

Stronger mind-body connection


Who’s leading you?

I'm Alexis, the coach at Start With Lemon. I specialize in plant based & holistic health and wellness solutions to help you live a healthy lifestyle so you feel balanced, energized, and peaceful. I’m from the United States but has lived and have travelled throughout the world. I began my health journey 13 years ago when I started to cut out meat. Since then I was pescatarian, vegetarian, and now am vegan.

I’ve overcome cystic acne, anxiety, and depression through healthy habits, healing my gut, and creating a lifestyle that works. I’m here to help you reclaim your health and sustain it for the long term as long as you work alongside me. I will be doing this detox along with you!

Health isn’t complicated. It’s not hard. You just need a push.

If you’re ready to take your health to the next level, to finally have the tools to achieve your goals, and to believe and know you can feel better than you do now, this is for you.

The next two weeks are going to pass you by anyway. What are you going to choose to do with them?

It’s time to detox. To get unstuck. To restore your mind-body connection. To be happy and stress-free. To not let your bs excuses hold you back anymore.

What are you waiting on? The “perfect time” doesn’t exist. You only have now. Don’t let another day go by living crippled by anxiety or mental clutter.

Make the commitment to getting unstuck and restoring your mind-body connection today.