March 2019

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The lemonaid stand monthly membership site


Welcome to your healthy membership site! Here you’ll find everything you need to start living a healthy, well, balanced, and energized life. All of your content is below and you’ll be able to come back to it as often as you like.



Get creative in the kitchen with new recipes that are plant based, nourishing, and delicious. Use these in your weekly meal planning for a healthy diet!


habit tracker

Keep track of your daily habits, learn to implement new ones, and stay accountable to the ones you love!


Learn the basics of nutrition. What you should be eating at each meal, the macronutrients you need, and how to create an ideal meal plan for yourself.


fitness guide

Movement is essential to a healthy lifestyle! Use your fitness guide for workouts and inspiration to carry you through the month to get healthy, strong, and fit!


Join Facebook Community

Be sure to join the Facebook group and engage in it! You’ll find support, guidance, and bonus trainings in the group!


live group coaching call