Happy + Energized:

4 Weeks To A Healthy + BALANCED Gut Group program

Happy + Energized is a 4 week group program focused on helping you overcome anxiety, depression, blasting, IBS, acne, poor immunity, mood swings, hormonal imbalance, and more through healing your gut.

The program is designed to fit into your busy life.

This group program will:

  • show you how to have a balanced and nourished gut

  • show you how to clear up your acne for good

  • teach you how to stabilize your mood with food and be able to overcome anxiety and depression, along with the physical self care work

  • show you how to have strong immunity and fight off sickness

  • show you how to reduce and mitigate negative side effects from food

  • help you design a lifestyle that promotes a healthy, happy gut

  • show you how to restore your gut health and functioning

What’s Included:

  • Weekly group coaching calls

  • Facebook group for community + support

  • Daily trainings

  • Resources to compliment the trainings

  • Lifetime access to the material!

How Do We Do It?

Start With Lemon’s Method:

Remove: bad bacteria, habits, or food that causes an imbalance

Repair: gut wall, lining, and enzymes

Restore: good bacteria in your  gut

Replace: habits, food (all plant based), sleep, routines, and environment that works to create a strong and healthy gut for the long term


Investment of $249 for the group program + lifetime access to the course. Yes, that's it!

Your exclusive discount codes for $50 off:

Regular Plan: HAPPYGUT



What If I Want More Help?

You’re a VIP!

Looking for more personalized help to heal your gut? Along with the program, my VIP clients get 4 60-minutecoaching call with me for the four weeks (a total of 4 calls) and personalized weekly check ins and custom support. We’ll work on specific problems you’re facing with your gut health, how to implement the curse perfectly into your lifestyle, and optimal solutions for you!

VIP option is $649.

If you need a payment plan, please email Alexis at

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+ What if I want to know more?

If you have any questions, you can email and we will be happy to answer.

+ What Are The Specifics?

The program is a gour week long group caochign program. It includes daily emails + trainings. The group prgrma also includes a facebook group for accnountabiltiy and support along with a weekly (4 in total) group coaching calls to give your support and answer all of your speicifc questions on the trainings or on your gut health. There is an additional coaching package you can add if you’d like further support, customization, and accountability.

+ Will It Really Work?

Will you put in the work? If the answer is YES then you will absolutely see results. As long as you follow the course along for the four weeks and put in the effort towards better health you are going to see real, sustainable, and energizing results. If for some reason you are unsatisfied with the course and can prove that you followed along for the full four weeks you are able to get a 50% refund.

+ How long do I have access to the course?

How does forever sound? Good? Well, great because you have it for that long!

+ Is there a payment plan?

Unfortunatuely there's not. If you find you need assistance with this, please email