One Step To Create Work Life Balance

I use to work 7 days a week. When you own your own business or even just really love your job, it can be extremely tempting to want to work all of the time. When I did this is led to extreme burnout and feeling extremely uninspired for a while. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from working for myself + at home, it’s to take a full day off.

Not a half day. A full day. I get there are some days where you really have to grind and meet a deadline or a big project is coming up. But besides those rare times, try taking a full day off. Turn off your computer, mute your messages, or even turn off your phone.

This is going to give you a rest. A rest for your eyes, brain, creativity, and allow you to come back to your work feeling renewed and rejuvenated.

I can’t tell you how good it feels to have a full Saturday to myself. What do you do if you have a great idea? Good question. You simply write it down and come back to it when you’re back at work. It can feel strange at first to give yourself a break but trust me you’ll love it eventually. So go outside, read a book, watch Netflix, bake banana muffins, hang out with friends, and do not talk about work.

Go be a person again. You’re not defined by your work so don’t let your entire life be defined by it either.

Go rest. You need it more than you think.