What’s Wrong With The Health Industry

If you’ve met me in real life or seen my videos, you know I can get loud, passionate, and gesture a ton. Pretend that’s happening now because I have something to say and I want to scream it from the rooftops.


The health industry is seriously fudged up. And it’s hurting you.


*Uh umm excuse me I’m getting on my soapbox now*


Here’s a list of 10 things I firmly believe are wrong with the health industry:


  1. The health industry is all about making a quick buck at the expense of your health.

  2. Fad diets DO NOT WORK and leave you worse off because now you have no idea about your 30 days is up what to do.

  3. You can’t be preaching “realness” and live in LA, workout 5 hours a day, drink $13 green juices, and have fake boobs. You just can’t.

  4. Most studies that the American government uses to inform us, the consumer, about what to eat and what’s healthy are funded by the animal and dairy industry.

  5. Health is not a one size fits all meal plan or exercise routine.

  6. Health is not only about food or exercise or habits. It’s about ALL OF THEM COMBINED. That makes up a complete person and a well rounded lifestyle.

  7. Meat is not healthy. Even if it’s farm raised and hand fed by fairies.

  8. Most platforms and people do not teach you sustainability or how to maintain your habits, routines, and lifestyle for the long term. It’s all about short term gain and that gets us nowhere.

  9. Being healthy does not equal having to spend a lot of money.

  10. It is rarely taken into consideration when teaching others how to have optimal health that someone may not have the necessary resources around and therefore can not follow your plan (i.e. I didn’t have lemons in Vietnam!)

  11. Bonus: most doctors only have to take 1-2 classes in nutrition….


*bows and steps off soapbox*


If someone engages me about health and asks what I think is wrong with the industry in 2018, I will gladly tell them. Contrary to what you might not believe, I dont go telling everyone I know these problems.

Instead, I know people are already fed up and are tired of being sick and tired while getting no real help and seeing no real results. No wonder everyone’s skeptical. No wonder people don’t want to invest in their health. They don’t think it’ll actually work. And truthfully, a lot of it won’t.

But here at Start With Lemon, we’re not about to feed you that bull sh*t. You’ve had enough sh*t for a lifetime.


What I love about our method is that we’re holistic, well rounded, care for the individual, look at things from two unique perspectives,and never rest on the knowledge we previously had.


The health industry is growing and that's amazing! But it has come at the cost of cheap, ineffective, and ridiculous fads, diets, plans, and people who are teaching a way that is not getting you where you need to be for the long term, or ever.


We’re committed to bring some much needed genuine realness to this industry and we’re here because we care about YOU. We promise to never be those people above or fall into the quick cash scheme where we throw something at you to make money that doesn’t actually help. We’re here to help and to change lives. Starting with yours.


What bothers you about the health industry? Share with us in the comments below. It's okay for you to get on your own soap box too! 

- A