WAKE UP! | What I've Been Wanting To Tell You


I have to tell you something.

My heart isn’t in just helping you get healthy. Yikes! What the heck am I doing being a health coach?

Well. What is my heart in? My heart is in changing the world.

I have never dreamed small. My brain just does not work that way. This probably really frustrated people around me but my ideas always took a ridiculously large form because that’s who I am.

For the past year, my desires have become extremely clear. My heart pulls me to change the way people think, the way people approach health, the way people approach living, and the way the world is run so people have access to all the basic needs a human being should have.

You may not have known this but my background is in nonprofits. I always dreamed of opening one up. That dream is still very much going to happen one day. I loved them because they carried the burden of helping humans that a government or society didn’t pick up.

I knew from a young age I would change the world. I just didn’t know how. Now I do (at least for now). It' starts with you. By me helping you and by you changing your life, you can do more in this world.

My mission is to wake people up! To shake up the way people think about their health, life, and impact.

But first, a mindset shift is needed in people. I hear something like this often and it really bothers me.

“Well what I do won’t matter...”

“Everything will kill us anyway. There’s nothing we can do!”

These make me want to smack my head on my hand but then get me excited to wake people the heck up!

  1. What you do DOES matter.

    Each day you vote for what you care about with your choices. What you eat, consume, buy, spend money on, give to, etc. That all matters. What if each person said “Oh my vote won’t matter” so they never voted. A leader would never be elected. What if each vegan said “My impact won’t make a difference,” so no one ever stopped eating meat. The animal industry’s demand would not be decreasing. What if a police officer said “My job is insignificant,” so they never rescued a girl from sex trafficking. There would be many more than 40 million people enslaved.

    Don’t you see?! You matter. Your choices matter. They are important and impact this world deeply.

2. We do know what causes us to get sick. It’s no secret.

Here’s a short list: genetics (we’re learning how to reverse this slowly), diet, exercise, habits (think sitting, smoking, etc), stress, and toxins. If I could share one message with people it’s this: You can live differently than people tell you you should live! You do not have to inevitably get sick. You can live a vibrant, full, and vivacious life.

*(Especially due to genetics people do become sick who have lived the healthiest + most non-toxic lifestyle possible so this is not to say that there are not those instances but rather there is SO much we can do to prevent this).*

That Febreze spray in your bathroom? Sitting for 8 hours a day? Those McDonald’s french fries? They’re slowly killing you. That’s not a secret anymore. We control 80% of our health + if we get sick or not. We are no longer in the dark on this issue. Please, for your own sake, do not throw in the towel because you think “everything will kill me”. That’s just not true.

My goal is to bring a change in this world. To really awaken us all to living our healthiest, most non-toxic, and impactful lives. So then each day we can make a positive change in this world.

However, I can’t do it alone. I need your help. Are you ready to join me on this life changing journey? I’d love to have you by my side stepping into the future full of life and joy.