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Staying Fit While On The Go + Traveling

I love traveling. I especially love eating all of the delicious food in the new location! But just because you want to enjoy food, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice how you feel and look.

Staying fit while on the go really isn’t as hard as it seems. In fact, with a few small adjustments it can be really easy and even fun. Here are my top recommendations for staying fit anywhere you are.

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Reducing Inflammation 101 | A Guide To Anti-Inflammatory Living

Basically, inflammation can show up like pain, acne, redness, swelling, digestion issues, joint pain, or chronic illness. Most illnesses can be traced to some sort of inflammation. A lot of this starts in the gut (are we surprised at this by now?). The good news to all of this is that there are lots of things to be done.

Let’s dive into the 4 main areas of health to start living an inflammation free life.

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One Step To Create Work Life Balance

I use to work 7 days a week. When you own your own business or even just really love your job, it can be extremely tempting to want to work all of the time. When I did this is led to extreme burnout and feeling extremely uninspired for a while. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from working for myself + at home, it’s to take a full day off.

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How To Create The Perfect Clay Mask For Your Skin's Needs

I love a good mask, anyone else? There is just something seemingly so luxurious about it. The only problem I found with masks was I had to have multiple in order to accomplish all of my skins needs. Which just meant more money spent. Since I’m all about affordable health, I found a way around that real quick.

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How To Treat A UTI Naturally | My Foolproof Method That Really Works

Why does no one ever tell you about yeast infections and UTIs?!? Listen, I know it’s not a sexy or even seemingly “socially acceptable” topic but if you’re a woman it’s a topic we need to be discussing like 100 days ago. If you’ve ever had one, you know how painful they can be and how unhelpful the doctor is.

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REVIEW: Loma Linda Thai Sweet Chili Fishless Tuna

I’m not one of those vegans who turns up their nose at "meat alternatives”. Which is odd because I never liked meat. Especially red meat. It would take me like an hour to eat 1/4 of a burger. Cutting out meat was not a struggle for me at all. Which is interesting why I’ll pour down a huge impossible burger. But that’s for another psycho-analyzation time.

I have tried Loma’s tuna in a can and really enjoyed it so I wanted to try out this easy and ready to go tuna preseasoned!

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What Oils To Take Traveling + How To Use Them | Daily Protocol

Start With Lemon was created when I lived in Vietnam. Needless to say, I love traveling! It’s one of those things that just makes you feel alive, you know? I absolutely love traveling but have often found it easy to get sick, feel low, or get all kinds of weird stuff happening (poop problems anyone?). Here’s how I prevent and work quickly when a problem comes up. I wish I could tell you to take every oil with you but here are my top 7 and how to use them!

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Should You Take A Probiotic? | Which One To Take

One of the main topics I talk about is gut health. Many people have heard of a probiotic but are still confused. Should you take one? Which one? What to look for? Do they work? Not to worry. Before diving into the specifics, let’s be clear. You SHOULD be taking a probiotic. No matter how great your diet is you want to take one… for life.

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Easily Fend Off Allergies

It is spring time in South Carolina and everything I touch is covered in pollen. My pretty dark blue car is now a delightful shade of yellow. No matter what I do, spring comes with a vengeance every year. I’ve been talking to loads of people all over the country (+ world) who are experiencing the same things. Runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, general gross puffiness. You have got work to do and no time for allergies!

There’s plenty we can do to naturally and holistically kick those allergies in the face.

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Is Health A Luxury?

I use to think it was. I thought being healthy was a luxury that as a high school student, college student, or broke 20 something year old I couldn’t afford. I couldn’t afford $9 juices, a membership to SoulCycle, or even a 1:1 coach to help guide me through the process. Did that mean I couldn’t be healthy or at my maximum health?

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5 Ways To Use Peppermint Essential Oil

I love peppermint oil. It reminds me of Christmas time but with the oil in my pocket I get to have that feeling all year long! It not only smells delicious but has incredible benefits including helping with respiratory support, giving you energy, boosting mood and alertness, and soothing irritated stomaches.

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