My Daily Supplement Routine


Here’s the skinny on supplements: I love them. Taking supplements does not mean you are deficient in something, you can eat whatever you want and make up for it in supplements, or that you’re healthy eating isn’t cutting it.

Honestly in today’s world, supplements are a part of a healthy lifestyle because of stress, the way food is made and manufactured, and the environment around us makes it really difficult for us to have optimal health no matter how hard we’re trying.

That’s why I love supplements to be a friend and help me out. Here is my daily supplement routine.


(Taken with hot lemon water on an empty stomach)

Love Bug Probiotics (1)

B12 (1)

A2Z Chewables- Food Nutrient Complex (1)

Post Meal:

Terrazyme (if I have an upset stomach, am too full, or bloated)



Natural Calm Magnesium

At Times (if I have a smoothie + can break my pills up in it because I’m a child who still can’t swallow pills):

Alpha CRS- cellular support (1)

Micro Plex- food nutrient complex (1)

EOmega- vegan omega-3 (2)

It’s pretty simple and once I get in the habit, I notice a huge difference so stopping taking them just really isn’t an option because I know I won’t feel as great if I do!

I love taking supplements and please know that nothing is wrong with you or your health if you do take them. In fact, we should all be at least taking a probiotic. But you knew I was going to say that anyway…

Let me know what your supplement routine looks like in the comments.