The Sunday Method | How To Plan Your Perfect Healthy Week


Have you ever started the week on Monday and wanted to cry because you already feel so behind? Yeah, me too. There are several structures I now put in place to make sure I go into a Monday feeling excited and confident about the week ahead. While it’s important to plan out your schedule and work, don’t forget to plan out your health. This is the method I teach my clients and have them plan out every week as well.

The Sunday Method:

  1. Plan out your calendar

    Put everything in your calendar. I mean everything. Work, meetings, social activities, etc. You need to get specific so you can plan and make sure your health for that week fits into what you have going on. We don’t want any surprises to come up to stop you from feeling your best!

  2. Plan out meals

    Plan out exactly what you’re going to eat. Take into account meals at work, social events, if you need to heat food up, etc. Then make a grocery list based off of what you already have so you don’t overlap!

  3. Grocery shop

    Do it once. Do it more and you waste money. Come with your list and try to stay within those lines of what you are planning on getting. Also, eat something before you go so you don’t grab garbage just because you’re hungry.

  4. Plan out workouts

    Plan out when you’re going, where you will do it, alternatives in case it doesn’t workout, and what workouts you will do. If you struggle to follow through, invite a workout buddy with you or book a class that you pay for and you’ll be less likely to back out!

  5. Be proactive about stress, sleep, etc.

    Take a hard look at your week. Will you be getting enough sleep? Are you going to be really stressed? Get prepared for what’s coming up this week. That way you can know if you need to pull out your stress reducing list or if you need to download a new mediation app, or if this week you’ll have free time and can maybe try some new recipes you’ve always wanted to.

  6. Collect any physical items you need for the week

    Preparation is key! Need a new yoga mat? Order one. Need to join a gym finally? Go do it! Whatever you need for the week ahead get it out, buy it, set it where you can see it. Make this week smooth, seamless, and easy peasy.

This will take a bit of time at first if you’ve never done something like this but once you get the hang of it this Sunday routine will become a ritual you can’t start the week without! Remember the key to health is truly preparing and staying ahead of what’s to come. If you fail to plan, prepare to fail.

You’ve got this! Let’s get after our healthiest lives yet.