Staying Fit While On The Go + Traveling


I love traveling. I especially love eating all of the delicious food in the new location! But just because you want to enjoy food, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice how you feel and look.

Staying fit while on the go really isn’t as hard as it seems. In fact, with a few small adjustments it can be really easy and even fun. Here are my top recommendations for staying fit anywhere you are.

  1. Scope out a gym

    If you’re not into a gym, pick a studio or outdoor space you want to workout in. Most hotels have a mini gym or you can find paths for running or hiking potentially close. Ask your hotel, Air BNB host, or locals, (or the internet of course), where are good places to workout at. You’d be surprised how even just 1-2 workouts while away keeps you feeling energized.

  2. Get active with your activities

    Have lots planned on the go? Figure out how you can incorporate your activities with fitness. Go for a hike, ride a bike, walk around, plan a gym break in the day, or do water sports. Whatever it is you like, plan some activities around moving your body!

  3. Do things you enjoy + look cute doing it

    Pack cute gym clothes. It sounds silly but trust me these really help to keep you motivated and want to workout since it’s taking up space in your luggage anyway. Also, be sure to do activates that you enjoy and will look forward to. If you’re dreading it, it’s going to be a lot less likely that you follow through with it.

Finally, set a why for why you want to stay fit. This why will be a strong driving factor and remind yourself of it when you’re thinking of being lazy when you’re on the go next!

What are your favorite ways to keep fit on the go? Share with us in the comments.