Honest Acne/Skin Update


My skin is far from perfect. When I was young I thought I’d never get a pimple. Oh little naive Alexis.

I’ve always had acne. But it got way worse in 2015. When I moved to Costa Rica in the spring of 2015, my acne made a delightful transition from adolescent acne to adult acne. Meaning my acne moved from my forehead to my chin. I was also under loads of stress, eating very greasy food, sweating constantly, and was not taking care of my gut or my overall health. So, bam! A face full of painful cystic acne.

Through healing my gut, I was able to really heal my acne too. But I still get flare ups. I know what triggers my acne: anything dairy, alcohol, fried food, and stress. Delightful.

About 2 months ago I went off of hormonal birth control and my acne was bad before. I was worried it would get worse going off but it stayed mostly the same. I’ve been on a journey to balance my hormones, but more on that later.

About 3-4 weeks ago my skin was doing terribly. I had eaten so much delicious but not good for me food. I had forgotten some supplements. I took a photo daily and I am going to show you. Sometimes I wonder why I’m so honest with you all but I know that’s what I want so hoping you do too. Here’s my skin journey.

Sometimes when my skin looks so terrible I wonder if it will ever get better but then I remember it eventually will.

Here’s what I’ve done to go from covered in painful pimples to pimples being gone and only a few scars left (yes, the bottom is just red marks not acute inflamed pimples now).

  1. Drink 80-100 oz of lemon water every single day

  2. Eliminate any irritating food/drink from diet

  3. Take 1-2 probiotics daily along with biotin, food nutrient complex, and omega-3

  4. Wash face 2x a day with Sukin

  5. Use bentonite clay mask 3-4 times a week

  6. Fill diet with nutrient dense foods and lots of healthy fats + leafy greens

  7. Give it room to breathe by having no makeup days

  8. Use a combo of rosehip + jojoba oil mixed with Frankincense, Tea Tree, + Red Mandarin oil morning and night

  9. Eliminated even more toxic chemical products form my beauty routine including shampoo

  10. Gave myself time to heal because it won’t happen all at once.

Healing your skin can be a slow process. It’s not fun or easy but it can 100% be done. If I can go from covered in acne in 2 weeks to being relatively pimple free (the last photo was taken the day I started my period!) so can you. It just takes a little bit of effort, love, and patience.

Let us know in the comments what steps you’re going to take to heal from acne!