One Simple Step To Improve Your Mental Health + Journaling Prompts


I have struggled with my own mental health for quite a while. Sometimes I feel great other times I may be anxious or really sad. I have found this to be extremely normal but wanted to share a very powerful tool and step to improve your mental health and stay AHEAD of it so you can try to avoid it getting beyond your immediate control.

Here’s the step:

Schedule in a mental health check-in day. Book a coffee date with yourself!

This can be once a week on any day you like. It’s important that you stay consistent with it though.

What A Checkin Can Look Like

So you’ve scheduled a checkin and you sit down with yourself, now what? Ask yourself some simple questions.

What’s my stress level like?

Have I been feeling anxious?

How could I take care of myself better?

Is there anything coming up I can see triggering me?

Really sit with these questions, and any others you feel work well for you.

Bring a journal and go deep into these questions. Then the key is to plan accordingly. Not sleeping enough? How can you change that? Know your week will be crazy stressful? How can you prepare accordingly?

Your mental health will fluctuate always. But it’s important to stay on top of it, become aware, and give yourself what you need!

What’s your favorite way to check in with yourself? Share with us in the comments!