Nightly Shower Routine For Sleep


My brain never stops going. I’m constantly thinking of ideas, blogs, my clients, projects, you name it. Can anyone else relate to this?!

When I realized my teeth hurt from my mouth being tense all day I knew I needed to do something about this. I decided it was time for a really ultra relaxing routine and that would start with my night time bathing routine.

If you’re ready to be pampered and feel luxuriously relaxed, grab a pen and paper and write down your own perfect routine along with me.

Here’s what I do:

Turn off all lights except for my shower light

Light a soy candle

(Note: phone is in my bedroom and there is no sound)

Add an essential oil to my shower for whatever I need that night

Steam up my shower really good

Dry brush my body

Jump in the shower and RELAX

Wrap myself in the fluffiest of towels

Do my nighttime oil routine

Brush out my hair if I washed it

Do my nightly skincare routine

Jade roll my face, neck, + chest

That’s it!

I then do other things as a part of my nighttime routine but that concludes the segment of my shower routine.

Let me know what your routine is going to look like in the comments!