Why I Don't Believe In Self-Care


I don’t believe in self-care. There I said it!

It’s become really popular to share about and encourage self-care days like Self Care Sunday or even taking a whole weekend for self care. I don’t like it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good extra self-care moment. But here’s the problem.

When we put emphasis on a specific day for self care and do not talk about it the other 6 days of the week, what are we saying makes up the other days? Are the other days not suppose to include self-care?

I also think there’s a big danger in using self-care to mean only face masks and baths. While those are extra steps you can take to pamper yourself, that is not what self-care is.

To me, self-care is practiced all 365 days of the year. My lifestyle is self-care. I do not neglect myself. Because ultimately it comes down to me and my health at the end of the day and without it I can do nothing. I use my diet, fitness routine, morning time, nightly bath, daily habits, and even supplement routine to show myself self-care.

I don’t think we should quit paying extra attention to ourselves on a Sunday, I love doing it! But I do think we need to start being more cognizant of how we can shift away from looking after ourselves in an “indulgent” way to a lifestyle that takes care of ourselves because we are all we have and how we treat ourselves is the only true thing we have control over.

Self-care should be present. But it shouldn’t just be on Sundays. It should be in everyday.

So how can you start incorporating true and total self-care into your everyday lifestyle? Share with me in the comments!