DIY Sea Salt + Sugar Exfoliating Scrub


Fall and winter are fast approaching. While this means blankets, fires, and cozy sweaters, if you’re like me it also means really dry skin.

I’ve struggled with dry and dull skin for most of my life and I’ve finally found something that helps! Best part about it, it’s vegan, homemade, easy, and cheap.

I use this scrub daily on my body AFTER I wash but before I shave. The reason for this is because it contains sugar and sea salt which can irritate freshly shaven skin so if you do it before, you exfoliate the skin, prevent irritation, and get a better cleaner shave. I also put it on after washing because it contains olive oil so it’s extra hydrating and you can skip a full body moisturizer after the shower because you’ve already got a hydrating layer of oil on. I, of course, still use coconut oil afterwards just to get even more moisture in.

I like to make smaller batches so I refill it more often to keep it fresh and prevent any kind of mold or bacteria build up. Be sure to put it out of your shower or in an airtight container (mine is in a mason jar with a lid) to keep the water out!

Here’s the basic recipe:

Servings: 3-5 washes

2 TBSP brown sugar

2 tsp sea salt or himalayan pink sea salt

Favorite essential oil (optional but lavender is great for calming inflamed skin)

1 TBSP olive oil

Mix in a bowl or container. Add more of any ingredient if you feel it’s too dry or too wet. More sea salt + sugar leaves you more exfoliated while more olive oil gives you more hydration.

Bam, that’s it! Use daily as a fun pamper moment in your shower and be ready to show off some skin even in the cold months because you’re now glowing.

- A