Ripple Nutrition Protein Shake: Review


I’m always pretty skeptical of protein shakes made out of a bottle. Like what’s in it, why is it in a bottle, will it taste disgusting?

I was out at Target and decided to take a look at the protein shake section as I was checking to see if my favorite probiotic was in stock (it was not). I found Ripple’s protein shake.

I’ve had Ripple chocolate milk before and it is pretty tasty. I think it’s a great addition to a smoothie. It’s thick, creamy, and just chocolatey enough. However, it still has that tiny bit of chalky taste due to the pea protein. Overall though, I think it’s a great plant based milk and especially great for kids.


Here are my thoughts on the vanilla protein shake.

  • Ingredients: I love that the first ingredient is water. I also really enjoy the protein coming from peas as it’s not only plant based but free of nut allergies and not over processed soy. The third ingredient however it cane sugar. It’s organic and I know it’s high quality however sugar is very damaging to our gut health and can cause an overgrowth of bad bacteria. I understand it makes it taste good but I wish it wasn’t an added ingredient. Sunflower Oil. Oh why do we put oils in things? I do prefer sunflower over canola or palm oil though so I’m happy about that.

  • Nutrition Facts: This has 200 calories and only 70 calories from fat with 1 g of saturated fat which is a very good ratio. It has 11 g of carbs which isn’t bad if you’re working out then drinking this as your body needs carbs to replenish itself after a workout. It has 9 g of sugar. This for me is simply too much to be consuming not based on fruit in the morning. The reason for this too is it’s all added sugar. It has 20 g of protein which is incredible and I give them a huge thumbs up for. Although you only need .6-.8 g of protein per pound of body fat, getting in 20 g after a workout that’s all plant based is fantastic.

  • Price: It’s $9.99 for a pack of 4 making it about $2.50 per bottle. It’s way cheaper than a protein shake at a store but I would still prefer to be more cost effective and make my own.

  • Taste: It tastes like vanilla and is pretty delicious. The only con I would give it is it still has a bit if an after taste that’s chalky so do note that and maybe brush your teeth after or at least scrape your tongue so you don’t get that same flavor all day.

  • Overall: For what this shake aims to do, I give it an 8. There are things I wish would be improved but the taste is good, the price is reasonable, and it’s plant based not full of a whole load of synthetic crap. I enjoyed it and will purchase again if I' want the ease and convenience of getting in extra protein without doing it myself.

Have you tried the shake? What are your thoughts on it? Share with us in the comments!