REVIEW: Loma Linda Thai Sweet Chili Fishless Tuna


I’m not one of those vegans who turns up their nose at "meat alternatives”. Which is odd because I never liked meat. Especially red meat. It would take me like an hour to eat 1/4 of a burger. Cutting out meat was not a struggle for me at all. Which is interesting why I’ll pour down a huge impossible burger. But that’s for another psycho-analyzation time.

I have tried Loma’s tuna in a can and really enjoyed it so I wanted to try out this easy and ready to go tuna preseasoned!


Here’s how I ate it: put it in a bowl and dipped vegan crackers into it.

  • Initial thoughts: It was tasty. Would make a great appetizer as it was a smaller portion or a topper to a salad.

  • Taste: 6 (the taste was not bad at all. it just lacked a bit of seasoning for me so I would mix it with some spices the next time. it doesn’t have the super fishy taste from tuna which I was very grateful for)

  • Buy Again Chance: 8 (price is just a factor for me as this brand can be a bit expensive to add consistently to your dinners)

  • Flavor: 9 (great spicy chili flavor going on. very thai)

  • Nutrition: 7 (it has a great amount of protein for its size. it is low in carbs. my only qualm is that it contains 8 g of sugar- 7 g of added. I know it’s sweet chili but I would like to see less added sugar)

  • Portion Size: 7 (again amazing for an appetizer or a topper but if you expect this to be a full meal you’ll be disappointed)

Overall, I really enjoyed this tasty treat. I think sticking to a predominately plant based diet is the way to go but I love spicing it up and throwing in “substitutes” every now and then for fun and this will definitely be something I’ll go back to!