Best Places To Start Reducing Toxins In Home


When I first thought about the idea of reducing toxins and going chemical-free, I was very very overwhelmed. Honestly I can still be overwhelmed somedays at my lack of full control over what I expose my self to. It was really my move to Hanoi, Vietnam and joining doTERRA that pushed me to think long and hard about what I was exposing myself to and how I could make sure it contributed to my health instead of hurting me.

I like to start simple and small.

Break it down into categories of things that you need to check their toxicity and see what you need to replace. Think makeup, skincare, cleaning supplies, kitchen, etc. From there, I then decide if I’m going to throw it out and replace immediately, give it away, or use it until it’s finished and then replace.

I only recommend the latter (using until it’s empty) for something you use often. You don’t want to be exposing yourself to lots of chemicals over a long period of time (think cleaning supplies that last forever)!

The three things I started with that are simple and easy swaps are deodorant, toothpaste, and all purpose cleaner.

Deodorant- I use Native’s + will use doTERRA’s when they come out with a baking soda free one. Read my blog here to learn about my journey with nontoxic all natural deodorant

Toothpaste- I used Crest for pretty much all of my life but wanted to switch to something all natural + that helped to support my health. I was worried about the oiliness of natural toothpaste but I quickly fell in love with doTERRA’s toothpaste. Plus, it has OnGuard so it is actually boosting my immune system as I’m brushing my teeth.

Cleaning Spray- One of the easiest things for me to recognize was full of chemicals were my cleaning products. I use to LOVE Clorox wipes. I’d just them on just about everything. I even travelled with tiny packs of them (yikes, I know!). Then I switched to making my own cleaning spray and I’m in love with it. I can customize the scent or the oils in it based off of what room I’m cleaning.

Reducing toxins can really seem overwhelming but take it step by step, item by item, and soon you’ll be living in a toxin-free home and feeling incredible.

What’s your favorite non-toxic product you own? Share with us in the comments.