Post Workout Soreness Rub


One time I was so sore from working out that I was walking around my university campus and literally fell down because my legs would not bend enough for me to walk.

I get soreness…

I’ve discovered a really strong and powerful rub I make to help before and after workouts. On top of this, be sure to stretch and foam roll when you can to help alleviate soreness and reduce any inflammation in the body.

Are you ready for this super duper completed recipe?!

Just kidding it’s 3 ingredients.

Post Workout Soreness Rub:

5 drops Deep Blue

5 drops Copaiba

Coconut oil till full

*Mix it all together in a small glass or plastic jar/container*

That’s it! Super simple, easy, and effective.

I apply it always after a workout and before if I know it’s going to be super intense. It smells strong (kind of like Icy Hot) so just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Rub on and watch the soreness melt away.

What are your tricks for helping alleviate soreness? Let me know in the comments!