What Oils To Take Traveling + How To Use Them | Daily Protocol


Start With Lemon was created when I lived in Vietnam. Needless to say, I love traveling! It’s one of those things that just makes you feel alive, you know? I absolutely love traveling but have often found it easy to get sick, feel low, or get all kinds of weird stuff happening (poop problems anyone?). Here’s how I prevent and work quickly when a problem comes up. I wish I could tell you to take every oil with you but here are my top 7 and how to use them!

Must Have Travel Oils:

Digestzen (digestion issues + congestion)

Peppermint (repository issues, tension, hot weather, burns, nausea, energy)

Lemon (antibacterial, hand sanitizer, detoxification, in water, can cook with it)

Lavender (calming, sleep, anxiety, stress, burns, tummy issues, skin issues)

OnGuard (antibacterial, sore throat, sick, swollen lymph nodes)

Copaiba (stress, anxiety, inflammation, puffiness)

Balance (stress, anxiety, need to be balanced, positive memories, homesick)

(optional: FLOOM roller ball + ClaryClam roller ball)

Daily Protocol With Oils:

Roll FLOOM on lymph nodes

Roll ClaryCalm on abdomen

OnGuard- drop under tongue if needing extra support, 1 drop on toothpaste, swish with hot water if sore throat, in my bag to put in water when feeling not well

Peppermint- smell any time I need energy, apply with lavender to a burn (including sun), apply to temples for headaches

Digestzen- keep in purse and rub on or take in a veggie cap anytime stomach feels weird or before a big meal, apply 1 drop to bridge of nose for any congestion

Lemon- 1 drop in hot water in the morning, 1 drop in 8 oz of water throughout the day, 1 drop on hands to clean anytime or to clean any surface

Lavender- combine with peppermint to apply to burns, on feet at night, on feet, temples, and neck before a flight, diffuse if possible at night, in bag to smell when stressed or anxious

Copaiba- 1 drop under tongue in morning for anti-inflammation, apply to body part for inflammation, aches + pains, 1 drop under tongue or smell when stressed or feeling anxious

Balance- apply 1 drop to feet every morning, apply to perfume points, smell or apply to neck/chest anytime feeling stressed/unbalanced

There are so many other oils I bring on a trip but if you have these top 7 you can pretty much do anything you want! Being healthy while traveling really doesn’t have to be so complicated. Turns out it can be quite easy and simple you just need the right tools at your fingertips.

Share what oils you’d like to bring on a trip with you in the comments!

Happy travels.