How To Use Essential Oils In The Shower + Ideas


There’s nothing quite like a calming and hot shower. You wash away the day and for just a second everything is okay. Whatever your shower routine looks like, I have a guaranteed way to spruce it up. Essential oils!

Oils in the shower can be great for a whole host of things. Helping to boost your immune system, calming down your body + brain, creating a relaxing environment, energizing you, clearing up congestion, and more. Here’s how you use oils properly in the shower.

(Note: I will only be talking about doTERRA oils as they are the purest oils in the world and extremely potent. I don’t recommend using any other brand as it could contain toxins.)

How to use the oils

Put 1-2 drops on the floor of the shower. Then add 1-2 drops on the wall of the shower. Put it just out of reach of the water so it doesn’t wash away immediately. Steam up the shower so the oils are captured in the steam. Step in and enjoy!

Ideas For Oils To Use

Onguard- use when sick or have a sore throat

Cassia- when you’re feeling spicy

Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Breathe- when you are congested

Peppermint- when you have tension, need energy, or your head hurts

Lemon/any citrus oils- when you wake to wake up or feel clean

Lavender- when you need to relax/ go to sleep

Balance- when you want to feel grounded, centered, and calm down

Adding oils to my shower makes it so much more special and feels luxurious in a way. It takes .2 seconds more time, is around pennies per drop, and changes my entire shower experience. Get on the shower oil game.

What oils will you use in the shower? Let us know in the comments!