I Switched To Natural Deodorant: Here's What Happened


I’m an all or nothing kinda person. Sometimes I’ll think about something for hours and other times I’m diving all in in a matter of seconds. My journey to natural deodorant was the latter.

I read Flo Loving’s book, Woman Code, in order to learn more about my endocrine system and how to heal acne for good. I highly recommend the book! Research for you and research for me. I love a good checklist so I was jazzed to see the section on beauty products to keep and which ones to get rid of based off of the ingredients.

My Old Spice Men’s Deodorant did not make the cut.

I wanted to choose a natural deodorant so I wasn’t clogging up my lymph nodes in my underarm with chemicals, preventing my body from natural sweating as it’s meant to do, and was not putting aluminum into my body unnecessarily.

As I’m throwing all of these products out, I’m wondering what I’m going to do about deodorant for two reasons:

1. I don’t know what else to use

2. I sweat, a lot.

*by the way, this blog is about to get real and honest, so if underarms or honesty make you nervous, click away now*

I went to the store the next day and pick up Schmidt’s Lime deodorant because my cousin recommended it to me. BAD IDEA.

I liked the scent but two things happened:

  1. I broke out into a terrible rash + my underarms got dark

  2. I detoxed a lot

I wasn’t sure if a detox was real but let me tell you, it was for me. For about 1-2 weeks I smelled bad. Not the “Oh I’ve been outside and need to reapply” kinda bad. Like putrid bad. Basically it smelled like my underarms were trying to get rid of everything that they had kept in. And they did. I did find that I sweated less than I thought I would which was at least good news.

This rash was BAD. It hurt to move my underarms and putting clothes on was rough.

Ready to see it?

Here we go.

It’s a lot of underarm so click away now if you don’t like that.

I discovered this was due to baking soda. If you have sensitive skin and want to switch to natural deodorant, DO NOT GET ONE WITH BAKING SODA!!!!!!

So after about 1.5 weeks I had to do something. I went to Target and picked up Native deodorant in coconut vanilla, Pacifica Deodorant Spray in coconut vanilla, and Primal Pit Paste Detox Deodorant in charcoal (no baking soda).

I really love the Native one and the spray is great for reapplying. The pit paste doesn’t have too much of a smell so I usually do that then add the spray to smell even better.

I applied my specially made essential oil roller ball mixture to my rash 2x a day because the pain was so intense.

This is the mixture I made:

4 drops Frankincense

4 drops Tea Tree

4 drops Lavender

Filled up the rest with fractionated coconut oil

This made a huge difference and my rash is basically all gone. My friend said she notices she gets a rash if she eats a lot of junk food so that’s something to look out for if you aren’t eating very healthy and wanting to switch to a natural deodorant.

My big takeaways:

  1. I sweat a lot LESS than when I wore anti-persperrant

  2. You do need to reapply it way more frequently so carry some with you

  3. Give your body time to detox from clogging up your lymph nodes for probably your whole life

  4. I have become way less self-conscious about sweating because I know it’s normal + natural


So if you’re ready to optimize your body’s functioning, go chemical free, and live a more natural healthy lifestyle switching to natural deodorant is the way to go. In fact, most of my friends I discovered had or were already making the switch!

Let’s not be embarrassed about our under arms. We all have them. We should be talking about how every part of our body plays a role in our overall health and how we can optimize each area so we are constantly taking being healthy and well to a new level.

I 100% recommend making the switch. It can seem scary, smelly, and daunting but really it’s a natural process your body will thank you for.

Share your experience with natural deodorant in the comments!