Natural Cellulite Scrub | DIY


If you’re like me, or most women, you may have cellulite. While it’s natural and nothing to be ashamed of, it’s also totally okay to want it to go away. Or at least become less noticeable. Here’s a DIY scrub I love for helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite!

— I should note that one of the most effective ways to get rid fo it is to get healthier, drink more water, and workout consistently.

There are no true measurements here so just use whatever mason jar or container you have:


Fill 3/4 with sugar (I prefer a mix of white and brown)

Fill 1/4 with oil (EVOO, Grape-seed, or Coconut *melted)

5 drops Slim + Sassy

5 drops Lemongrass

*can do 1/2 sugar + 1/2 coffee grounds to help stimulate the area

Mix it all together and store in your shower. Use daily and watch a huge difference along with your healthy eating!

Do you want to see more DIY recipes? Let me know in the comments!