My Meditation Routine


I use to think I could never mediate. My brain is always going 100 miles a minute and there’s so many things to think about. I couldn’t possible shut it all off for a minute. Until I found Headspace.

Now, I mediate daily.

I love the app Headspace because it is based on guided mediations. For those with busy minds like me, this is perfect because someone is speaking to you and telling you exactly what to do, think about, and focus on. I love hearing the soothing voice gently reminding me to focus on my breath or what to ponder.

Here’s my mediation routine that I love doing every night. If I don’t get a chance to do it, I struggle to sleep at night and really fell my sense of calm and ease is missing.

Heat up water to add to my fiber + magnesium powder. Lay in bed after washing face and doing everything I need to. If I’m feeling puffy, I’ll place my feet against the wall. Do 5 minutes of DuoLingo while finishing up my tea. Then meditate using the Headspace app. Usually I’ll be falling asleep and put my phone away and fall gently into a restful sleep.

I’ve seen big improvements in my life since I started meditating honestly. I feel happier and more at ease. It has greatly improved my mental health. I also feel I’m able to handle situations more calmly instead of jumping to become over emotional. If you’re not already mediating, I highly recommend it for reducing stress, decreasing cortisol levels, and allowing your mind some time to just relax.

What’s your favorite way to meditate? Share with us in the comments!