Morning Skincare Routine

I’m on a mission to have clear, smooth, and beautiful skin 24/7. Who wants to join me on this journey?

My favorite thing about my morning skincare routine is it gives me a purpose to get up and out of bed in the morning instead of scrolling through my phone (you know you've done it too!). It helps me to wake up and look forward to something immediately upon getting out of bed. 

I’ve recently stepped up my morning skincare routine to help me meet my skin goals. My current goals are:

Eliminate acne

Deeply hydrate skin

Have baby butt soft skin

Reduce hyperpigmentation

Prevent from sun damage


Let’s get into the goods (aka the steps).


1. Steam your face

I was listening to The Skinny Confidential podcast a few weeks ago when one of their guests was saying how important steaming your face is and making sure your skin is able and prepped to absorb all of the goodness you’re going to put on it. I get a wash cloth very hot and lay it on my face for 30 seconds at least 2 times or you can put your face over a face steaming machine or a bowl of steaming water with a towel but I found the washcloth method to be the quickest and easiest method.


2. Shave your face

I know, I know. But hear me out. Men have such different skin and their aging process is so different than women's. Of course this has to do with hormones and our genetic differences, but there is also something important that they do we don't: shave. When you shave your face you actually exfoliate and clear off the dead layer of skin. I take these tiny shavers and shave all over my face focusing on my cheeks and the outer corners of my face. I don’t use any cream but do clean off the razor in between sections of my face. This is a new addition to my routine for me so I’ll keep you updated on how I feel about it.


3. Wash your face

I have to wash my face two times a day and I use this amazing vegan + plant based skincare by Sukin. You have to try it! It’s so gentle and hydrating but still removes all the gunk from your face. It completely changed my acne. 10/10 would recommend.


4. Apply Jojoba oil

I have dry skin but often sweat during the summer or in hot places and I found that oils penetrated and stayed on my skin better than a thicker moisturizer. The trick here is to apply it upward and give it time to soak in before your sunscreen or other moisturizer otherwise it’ll actually cause your makeup to break down. Jojoba oil is extremely hydrating, anti-fungal, and helps with hyperpigmentation. This is my favorite organic kind.


5. Apply eye cream

To be honest, I’ve had this eye roller from Clinique for forever but I love it. It has a roller ball attached so it’s like a mini de-puffer before I get into jade rolling (oh, you know it’s coming). It helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines in the eye area.


6. Jade roll

Now that I’ve got all of my face and eye oils/creams on, I make sure they get as absorbed as possible into my skin using my jade roller. You can read all about jade rolling in my previous blog where I teach you what it is and how exactly to do it. But let’s just say, if you aren’t jade rolling you are missing out.


7. Apply Vitamin C Serum

Along with shaving my face, this is a new addition for me. I decided to buy some because I have bad scars from acne and wanted to get rid of my hyperpigmentation which Vitamin C does and this one has Vitamin E as well for extra hydration. It is a little thick and feels a bit tight on the skin initially but within a minute or two it feels normal on my face. TBD on the effects but I have before pictures ready to go.


9. Apply sunscreen

Protect your skin. Don’t skip this. You’ll thank me later.


10. Drink water

You got me! This isn’t exactly a part of skincare routine but staying hydrated greatly affects the look, quality, and clarity of your skin. Aim for around 8 or so glasses of water everyday and I promise you’re going to see huge changes in your skin within a week if not in a few days.


As always, everything I use is super affordable, realistic, and working towards my goals of better health not just initially but for the long term.

What’s your favorite part of your skincare routine or products I should try and test out? Share in the comments!



- A