Is Health A Luxury?


I use to think it was. I thought being healthy was a luxury that as a high school student, college student, or broke 20 something year old I couldn’t afford. I couldn’t afford $9 juices, a membership to SoulCycle, or even a 1:1 coach to help guide me through the process. Did that mean I couldn’t be healthy or at my maximum health?

No it did not! But it felt that way online.

People that I looked up to and that were posting lots of health content online were models, influencers, people living such different lives from the ones I was living. Most people made content for their full time job, were paid or sponsored to enjoy so many health experiences, or lived in places like Bali already primed for health. I lived in South Carolina and paid 100% for all of my own things.

Here’s what I discovered you really needed to be healthy: curiosity, a body, a willingness, and a planner.

You needed to get really clear about what you wanted a healthy lifestyle to look like for you and to make sure it is actually feasible. Then you need to set a clear budget for food, workout necessities, and supplements, as well as any support you might need. After that, get curious about meals and create things for fun. Push yourself past what you thought you could do. Grab an accountability partner and workout together or test out new supplements together or have a DIY party where you switch all of your toxic products for non-toxic ones.

Health is NOT a luxury. You can be healthy no matter where you are or your budget. I will never stop fighting until we all believe and know this. Would Bali be incredible to live in and have a fresh açaí bowl everyday? Uh, duh! But it’s not necessary nor realistic for most people. So start where you are. You are in the perfect place to start living your healthiest life right now.