How To Rest More

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We’re not wired to rest. At least not in the world we live in. We’re wired to GOOOOOO and never stop. We’re told to sleep when we’re dead and millions of people live in “the city that never sleeps”.



But everyone looks pretty tired… It isn’t just because you’re not getting good sleep but it’s because you aren’t resting throughout the day and week. So let’s see where we can fit in more restful rest.



First things first, you have to decide what are restful activities for you that you actually enjoy? Once you answer that question, we can move on to see where can that fit into our day.




I use to dislike meditation alot because it was overwhelming to me to just sit down for 10 minutes and think about nothing. I’ve come to love it as I vary the time and type of my practices. I’ve found it helps me at anytime of the day quiet my mind, give my eyes a rest from staring at a screen, and brings me back to reality.


Mid-Day Rest


Usually we hit a slump mid-day and all we want to do is take a nap. While that may not be possible, you can still practice a restul activity. The key here is actually to make sure you have movement in. Wait, I thought we were talking about rest?! Funny enough, movement actually helps to ease our mind, clear our thoughts, and ultimately put us in a happier state. Try going for a brief walk mid-day and practicing a deep breathing exercise or even listing things you’re grateful for. Rest doesn't always have to look like a nap.


Weekend Rest


Do you save all of your rest for the weekend? While that’s not always the best strategy because we should be resting throughout the week as well, it is nice to catch up a bit. Plan out some time just for yourself with the restful activities you listed out from above. Paint your nails, go for a run, spend time with your dog, or whatever activities help to rejuvenate you. It doesn’t just have to mean sleeping here but think of more restful activities that you can be present for.


Schedule Reminders


When all else fails, make an alarm or reminder. If we’re so use to going constantly it can be hard to get into the routine of resting. Try setting an alarm or reminder for your restful activities and schedule them in as though they were a business meeting or an appointment because they are just as important.


If you’re tired, you can’t give to the people and activities in the way you like. So let’s practice active rest that leaves you feeling refreshed, renewed, and alive that you can carry into the rest of the day.


What are your restful activities you’re going to start implementing or do already? Share in the comments!