How To Treat A UTI Naturally | My Foolproof Method That Really Works


Why does no one ever tell you about yeast infections and UTIs?!? Listen, I know it’s not a sexy or even seemingly “socially acceptable” topic but if you’re a woman it’s a topic we need to be discussing like 100 days ago. If you’ve ever had one, you know how painful they can be and how unhelpful the doctor is.

I had chronic UTIs and yeast infections for a year. Hot, I know. I did what I was told to. I went to the doctor and got an antibiotic. Well that made me more prone to them in the future. Sure enough, I got new ones on the reg. I’m going to explain what I do for yeast infections in another blog post so today let’s focus on UTIs.

UTIs, for me at least, feel like I have to pee every .5 seconds and when I do it feels like I’m peeing fire but only a drop comes out. One time I contemplated sleeping in the bathroom because I kept going to the bathroom so many times. My first one was in Nicaragua and from then on it was hell.

So what can you do? A lot actually.

Sure, make sure you wipe after sex, pee after as well, drink lots of water, wear cotton underwear, blah blah blah. I mean, don’t ignore those things but you’re doing all of those already, right? Here are two things your doctor isn’t telling you.


    If you get nothing else from this blog, BUY THIS RIGHT DANG NOW!!!! I like the powder because I add it to my water and can have as much as I need. When I feel one coming on, I take a big scoop in water and then drink another huge glass of water afterwards. Within a day it’s gone.

  2. Love Bug Probiotics Yeast Is A Beast

    You know you should be taking a probiotic already. But if you have a lot of imbalances down there, I highly recommend taking this one everyday. I keep them in the fridge to keep them extra strong. When I feel one coming on or I’ve done something that may cause one, I take 2. I do this until it goes away. Again, usually within a day.

Since I discovered these two natural remedies, I have not had an antibiotic for a UTI anymore and within a day I have been able to fully handle it. I even brought D-MANNOSE to my gyno and this is what she said, “Oh wow this is great. What is this called? I’m going to write this down!” *face palm*

Please drink water and practice healthy and hygienic sexy times but get you these two supplements. They are going to change your life.

If you have other remedies, let me know in the comments!