How To Food Journal For Optimal Health


I love a food journal. It’s the first thing I get my clients to do. Besides drinking lemon water of course! There are so many ways to keep a food journal so I’m going to teach you my method for optimal health, good digestion, maximum energy, and overall increased wellness.

Let’s break down exactly how to do it:

  1. Get a journal, app, note in your phone. Really anything works but if you can highlight or write on it that’s even better!

  2. Write down B, L, D, S, + DS (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks)

  3. Write down your food for each meal

    I don’t get my clients to write calories or even like 2 carrots, 1 tbsp hummus. We keep it simple. Think veggie pizza with salad and cheese for example. We’re looking for patterns over exact quantities

  4. IMPORTANT STEP: write down how you feel after you eat. Both mentally and physically. This can happen immediately after eating or within the next 30 minutes or so. You can even write down a quick summary at the end of the day or rank your energy levels or whatever other goals you are looking to track.

    Example of this: full and satisfied. Bloated and acne starting to come on. Feeling fuzzy and anxious

Once you’ve been keeping your journal for a while you’ll want to go back and review it to look for patterns. Did you feel anxious after you ate dairy or did you notice certain foods helped you to feel energized? Look for negative and positive patterns. From there you can begin to make big or small changes in your diet to help you achieve what optimal health looks like to you!

Keeping a journal will also help develop the skill of awareness which is essential in life in general but also is so helpful to becoming more aware of your body and your needs.

Test this out for at least a week and watch your awareness increase and your health improve!

What questions do you have about food journaling? Drop them in the comments below!