How to Develop to a Workout Routine


We all go in to developing a work out routine with our own goals and expectations.

Maybe it’s for weight loss, maybe it’s for muscle gain, maybe it’s for the mental clarity it brings.

It’s crucial to get clear on your WHY to motivate you to get up and get moving. Getting clear on why it is you want working out to be a regular part of your weekly routine, is what’s going to motivate you  to hold yourself accountable and make any adjustments to your schedule to prioritize your fitness.


Once you feel confident about your why, it’s time to to start implementing action. You’ve got to be really honest with yourself here. Be honest about your current routines and schedules, and how much time you're able to dedicate to a work out routine. It’s also super important to be realistic. If you’re starting a work out routine after not excreting regularly at all, planning on working out 5 times a week isn’t really setting yourself up for success. Start smaller, with plans you can feel proud of following through with, and then as you progress, your goals and plans will change. 


Here are some questions to ask when designing your work out routine: 


- Will you workout in the morning, afternoon, or evening? 

- How much time do you have to work out at a time? Will you work out for 25 minutes in the morning 3 times during the week and then attend a 1 hour class over the weekend? 

- Will you attend classes? What’s your budget for a studio pass or gym membership? 

- Do you have the space to work out at home? Will you follow along with some Youtube videos? If so, can you find some good videos and create a play list ahead of time? 

- Do you prefer to work out alone or with people? Is there a friend you can go to classes or the gym with? Can you find an accountability buddy to partner up with? 


Going into a new fitness routine with a game plan is crucial. If you want results, you have to have a routine you can stick with. The truth is, inconsistent work outs, are kind of a waste of time. No matter how you exercise, or when you do it, the ultimate goal should be rock it, rest, repeat. 

xo Lex