How To Create A Morning Routine


“I rise early almost every morning, and sit in my chamber without any clothes whatever, half an hour or an hour, according to the season, either reading or writing.” - Benjamin Franklin

There are very few things in life I love more than a morning routine. Okay, maybe dessert. But other than that, a morning routine is at the top of the list.

But let’s not kid ourselves, I use to be horrible at waking up in the morning and honestly I sucked to be around because I just hated the mornings so much. Please tell me I’m not alone in this.

So why the obsession? Morning routines have some pretty strong proven benefits. Let’s see what they are.

  1. A morning routine creates momentum in your day, meaning you get more day every single day.

  2. It’s said that morning risers who include a morning routine are more likely to be successful, earn more money, and are more productive.

  3. Your willpower is strongest in the early hours so harnessing that has some strong powers.

Okay, so we get it. You not only feel better, look healthier, but you’re going to perform better in all areas of life if you have a morning routine.

A few things to consider first:

- how much time do you have?

- what are your goals?

- how do you currently feel in the morning and how would you like to feel?


So let’s talk. What do you need to include in the routine?


Just don’t do it. It throws you off of your REM cycles when sleeping. This means those extra 15 minutes in bed actually leave you more groggy.

Health Hack: Place your alarm (including if it’s your phone) farther than arm’s reach so you actually have to get up and out of bed to turn off the alarm and DO NOT GET BACK IN BED. You got ish to do so get to it.



No matter what you decide to include in your routine, you NEED to start the day off with water. You’ve been dehydrated for over 6+ hours so it’s time to refuel on water. Try lemon water or lemon water + 1 TBSP of apple cider vinegar to get things, um, moving.

Health Hack: keep a water bottle by your bed to drink first thing or put a glass of water in the fridge so you don’t forget.


Alright, you’re up. Now you want to get the blood flowing and shake off the stiffness from sleeping. Stretch for 5-10 minutes. Here’s a sample yoga flow you can do on your floor or a yoga mat that gets you moving. 


Health Hack: If you’re really looking to take this to the next level, try working out in the morning. If you do this before eating, make sure you’re doing exercises your body can easily do on an empty stomach (usually called fasted cardio). If you get your movement in first thing, you don’t have to think about it anymore throughout the day!



Ask any successful individual and they incorporate gratitude into their life. It not only sets you up in a positive mindset but helps you to continue to be grateful throughout the day.


Health Hack: Place a gratitude card/journal by your bed so you never skip it. If it’s difficult to start incorporating this into your day, start with only 3 each day and build up from there.



You’re feeling loose, hydrated, and grateful. Now it’s time to get serious about the day ahead. You can journal in a multitude of ways but two great options for the morning are your feelings/checking in with yourself. Another great option is to list out all of the things you have to do for the day (who doesn’t love a good TDL?!).


Health Hack: Research suggests that “eating the frog” is one of the most effective ways to get your day rolling by doing the hardest thing first and everything else is smooth sailing from there.



It’s important before jumping into emails, social media, and everything life throws at you to set an intention for the day. You can set an intention for the day or take it a step further and set an intention for every activity in your day. Ask yourself, “How do I want to show up?” “How do I want this activity to go?” “How do I want to be perceived in this activity?” Visualizing and setting intentions for each activity will help you go into your day with clarity and calm.


Health Hack: If you’re using Goole Calendar or another online calendar, write down that intention underneath the activity so before you go into the activity, you can remind yourself how you want the activity to go/how you want to act throughout each event.


We can’t forget to have fun! As much as we love all of the activities above, it’s important to add things you enjoy to your routine. But here’s the secret, add these events to the end so you have to complete everything else before you can get to the fun part!


Health Hack: Try adding in something that still helps you grow and work towards your goals. Think reading, painting, researching a cool topic, or practicing your sexy salsa moves.



It’s pretty obvious if we think about it. In order to have a successful morning routine, we should start the night before. The night before here are a few things you can do to set you up for success in the morning: place your clothes out before bed, set out your glass of water by your bed, and prep your work bag, write out your TDL so you’re not overwhelmed in the morning.


Health Hack: If you have trouble sleeping because your mind won’t seem to shut off, try having a brain dump where you put any and everything that you’re thinking onto paper so you know and trust your thoughts are safe and on paper so you don’t have to stay awake till 3 am wondering what was that thing you wanted to remember. It’s already written down!


Clearly, there is so many things that can go into a morning routine! We recommend having 3 versions of a routine: a short version, normal version, and extended version. This way, no matter how much time you have/where you are in the world, you can still follow through with your routines.

Here’s a sample routine:

Wake Up + Bathroom Break (NO PHONE)

Lemon Water + Supplements

Stretch/Light Workout

Gratitude Journal

Intentions/Journal For The Day

Shower/ Get Ready

Eat Breakfast

Read 10 Pages Of A Book

Let us know, what does your morning routine look like and how can you tweak it to fit your goals better?


- A