How To Beat PMS: Step By Step Guide


You feel like the whole world is against you and the main thing fighting you is your body. It’s that time of month. Aka when your period hits. It seems like there’s nothing you can do but I’m here to tell you that there is. Bring on all the goodness that will help!!

Here’s my step by step protocol to beat PMS and enjoy (or at least not have it suck) the week of your period.

  1. Every day (regardless of period) rub Clary Calm on your abdomen

    Period Comes (cue impending doom sound track)

  2. Drink 2 L of water every day!

  3. Rub Deep Blue on your lower back or any area of pain

  4. Rub Clary Calm on your abdomen morning + night and anytime cramps come up

  5. Rub on Digestzen or take 1 drop internally if gassy/constipation comes up

  6. Apply heating pad to any area of pain + continue to apply oils every 1-2 hours or as needed

  7. Take a bath (yes it’s safe to take a bath on your period) with epsom salts, lavender, and balance or if you don’t have a bath make a mason jar with epsom salts, oils, + hot water and use a wash cloth to rub it on

  8. Drink magnesium and fiber at night in hot water

This is the exact protocol I use on myself and it works wonders! You may have to play around and find exactly what works for you.

Try eliminating coffee, dairy, alcohol, and any other kinds of food or drinks that cause inflammation for you around this time as it can cause even more cramps or pain.

What’s something you always have to do to help soothe you when you get your period? Share with us in the comments!