My Healthy Traveling Routine


I love traveling. Going to a new place just brings such fresh excitement into my life. I especially love airports, is that weird?! While traveling is amazing, it can leave you feeling a bit run down or even catching that gross cough your 4B passenger had the ENTIRE FLIGHT! 

I love playing a fun game of how can I stay healthy while on a plane. Here are my top tips/routines for how I stay healthy while traveling around. 

I always stay extra hydrated the 2-3 days before a flight to avoid dehydration while up in the air. I add in my ACV and aloe with lemon in each cup. 

I always pack an empty water bottle so not only can I fill it up in the airport but I also can fill it up on the plane and have it with me while I’m traveling. 

I pack some extra lemons to add into my water while traveling to aid in detoxification and chia seeds to help fight inflammation (I just throw them into zip lock bags). 

I always have my oils. Hello, do you even know me?!  The oils I use on the plane often are lavender + serenity if I’m trying to sleep, Onguard on my feet to avoid any sickness, Peppermint + Breathe on my chest to help me breathe better, Red Mandarin on my legs and massage in if a long flight to help with circulation. 

I always always get up and move every 1-2 hours. That’s why I usually pick an aisle seat so I’m not that obnoxious person. Unless I’m sitting beside my sister then you better believe I’m that obnoxious person stepping over her. 

I also spray my homemade Germ Away spray (5-10 drops of each lemon, tea tree + Onguard with witch hazel and water) in the air, on the seat, and really around anything I’ll touch. 

Pop an Onguard beadlet or softgel, B12, and probiotic BEFORE + AFTER a flgiht. 

So there you have it. Stay hydrated, move around, pick the vegan meal if there’s an option, and use all of the oils and you’ll be bright eyed and bushy tailed when you land!

Share your favorite in flight healthy travel tips in the comments!