Guide To Affordable Grocery Shopping


I love a good budget. When I was younger I never ever wanted to spend money. I was a hoarder of money. In my opinion, not a bad thing to be. When I went to college and started my own grocery shopping, I tried to keep it around $30-40 per week for 21 meals. Oh yeah, you heard that right.

How’d I do it? Here’s the tea.

Always look for what’s on sale.

Grocery stores always have things on sale. Usually this is something that’s going to expire soon in the veggie section at least. Check the date and plan to use it sooner rather than later.

Weigh out your produce before buying.

Most produce, unless prepackaged, is broken down in cost by weight. Grab how much you think you want and weigh it out. You may be surprised to find out how much you actually grabbed and it may be more or less than what you intended.

Stick with generic.

If you’re buying a specifc brand for crackers or veggie patties or other food that’s okay! But if you’re buying rice, beans, or other staple foods opt for the generic. Be sure it doesn’t have many chemicals, preservatives, or added sugars though.

Know what needs to be organic.

I rarely buy organic. Turn me in, I know it’s horrible! I just don’t always have the budget for it. Here’s a great dirty dozen list of foods that you should try to buy organic if possible and the others you can let slide a bit.

Come prepared with a list.

I never ever went shopping without a grocery list. This will keep you focused, on track, and not tempted to buy those Goldfish that don’t fit into your meal needs this week. Also, buy everything you need for the whole week even if you’ll cook multiple times. You’ll spend way more going several times a week than just once.

There are so many more tiny tricks that can save you money I can do a lengthier blog post on in the future if you want to see that but these are the tried and true ways to save bit time at the grocery store!

Share your favorite saving tips with us in the comments!