How To Practice Gratitude

When you practice gratitude, you realize what you currently have is enough.


I have to be honest, I’ve sucked at this for the past 6 weeks. For me personally, the past month and a half have been anything but easy breezy. It’s caused me to slip back into my pre-gratitude times. And that’s not a fun place to be.


But let’s take it back to pre-April and I was a gratitude ninja. Okay, more like a gratitude green belt. The point is, I practiced gratitude daily. I always heard that gratitude was important to appreciating what you had but it was within the past 8 months that I learned gratitude actually affects your brain, emotional well being, and health. Plus, it makes you happier. We can all use some more of that.


How to practice gratitude?

You can practice gratitude in many different forms. The kind i found the most helpful was also the kind I was most involved in which was to write down a gratitude list daily. Most recourse tell you to start out with 3 things you’re grateful for. If you’ve never written this down or practiced this before, I highly recommend starting there is no to overwhelm yourself. But for those seasoned nuggets, I challenge you to write a list of 20-25 things everyday. This can be anything from your partner, your pillow, your body, air, the sky, well you get the picture. It’s totally okay to repeat things each day and things not right in front of you now (like the blue sky when I was in Vietnam).


Why does it matter?

Gratitude isn’t just reserved for some select groups of people. As we saw, you can literally start by writing in a notebook or even your phone just three things you’re grateful for in the morning. The morning time is the best because it sets your brain and mindset up to be positive and to be on the lookout for more things throughout the day you’re grateful for.


But science says beyond just a positive mindset, it has some pretty powerful benefits.


Benefits of gratitude:

-improved sleep

Less anxiety

Less depressive thoughts

More relaxed throughout the day

Receive a hit of dopamine

Reduces negative thought patterns

Lasting positive effects on the brain


By practicing gratitude we’re able to reframe our lives to a more positive outlook that carries us through even when our gratitude pen isn’t on paper. So I’ll admit, I’ve been pretty crappy at keeping up with it because times have been hard but I’m picking back up my gratitude pen and pretty notebook.


How can you start practicing gratitude in your everyday life? Let us know in the comments!