Exercises To Increase Energy


You’re laying on the couch, remote in hand, choosing a Netflix show to binge on at night, and all you want is to chill out.


If I told you that the answer to overcoming your exhaustion and fatigue was to get up and get moving, you’d laugh at me.


Well, prepare to laugh away! Because it’s true. Wait, before you immediately go on to something that’ll tell you watching Netflix will magically cure your exhaustion, let’s discover some science behind it  and see what can you start doing today to finally get your energy back. (Hello, energy? Where did you go?!)


What are the facts?

”It's now been shown in many studies that once you actually start moving around -- even just getting up off the couch and walking around the room -- the more you will want to move, and, ultimately, the more energy you will feel," says Robert E. Thayer, PhD, a psychology professor at California State University, Long Beach

So basically more movement = more immediate and long term energy.“In a study published in the journal Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics in 2008, University of Georgia researchers found that inactive folks who normally complained of fatigue could increase energy by 20% while decreasing fatigue by as much as 65% by simply participating in regular, low-intensity exercise.”

One study actually found that the more steps people took throughout the day, the more overall energy they had.


How does this work?

Without getting too much into the nitty gritty, essentially every cell in our body has a mitochondria or also known as the powerhouse of the cell. It’s not only the powerhouse of our cells but of our entire body.

The number of mitochondria you have depends on your daily activity. The reason for this is if we’re more active, our body has to keep up with this demand for energy. Therefore, producing more mitochondria who are ready to power you up!

So when you workout, your body needs more energy and produces more mitochondria.

But exercise isn’t only good for energy. It has dozens of other benefits but a few include:


Benefits of exercise:

  • improved sleep
  • improved heart health
  • burn more body fat
  • increase in endorphins and mood
  • increase in energy levels
  • helps reduce depression
  • better focus

Okay, so we get it. We should be working out to cure our low energy levels. But what kind?


What exercises should you do?

Okay so you’re ready to slowly peel yourself off of the couch and throw some workout appropriate clothes on but what exactly should you do?

The answer: it depends.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a quick burst in energy a shorter and lighter/calmer workout will work best. Think a 10-15 minute walk, yoga session, or pilates video.

However, if you’re looking for more long term and sustainable energy throughout your life, the answer is in moderate to intense workouts with a sprinkle of light throw in there. Do note that when you do more intense workouts, at first your body will feel more fatigued until it adjusts to your body’s energy needs. Once it does, you’ll ultimately have more energy for the long run

Here are some energy boosting exercises you can do: 

Circuit Training

10 Minute Cardio

Healthy Body Yoga

20 Minute Yoga For Beginners

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A mix of light moderate exercises like yoga, walking, and cardiovascular exercises combined with more intense circuits, HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts, or weight lifting are going to give you short and long term energy.


But wait! The most important key to having sustained energy is important. Are you ready? Really ready? Okay here it is: you have to like the workout. *gasp* It’s true though. If you dread your workout, you’re going to have lower levels of energy than if you go to a class, a gym, or a workout that makes you excited and you look forward to it.

So, find what works for you, start out with moderate exercise and slowly build up for that long term energy.


What are your favorite kinds of movement that bring you loads of energy? Share with us in the comments!