How I Apply Essential Oils At Night


My journey with essential oils has been a slow one but now I will never ever go back. They have so many incredible benefits and the ability to take cleaner, medicine, flavor enhancer, and supplements with you is a no brainer (in case you didn’t know, essential oils can do all of these things)! Recently, I’ve started incorporating them into my night time routine in a new way.

I usually shower after the gym and sometimes in the morning. Okay fine, sometimes I’ll take a bath at night. Sue me, I like the shower! For the past 2 weeks after a shower or after washing my face, I do an oil routine I’m going to walk you through now.

  1. Dry brush my body

    This helps to move my lymph around, get my blood flowing, and brush off any dead skin cell build up.

  2. Do a physical assessment of my body

    I do this visually and mentally. I first look at my body naked and see if I notice anything (a pimple, dry patch of skin, scab, bruise, blasting, etc.). Then I do a physical scan and see how I feel (bloated, puffy, anxious, etc.). DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP! This step is the most important as it sets you up to know what oils you need to use. Each night I customize to my current needs.

  3. Pick out oils

    I use doTERRAoils and have a whole array. Some common ones I pick out during this routine are:

    • Lavendar- for scars + dry skin patches, calm down my mind + body, quality sleep

    • DigestZen- for bloating on my stomach

    • Peppermint- for cough, pain, and headaches

    • Frankincense- truthfully I hate the smell of this oil so I only put it on my feet but it helps to ground, calm, and magnify benefits of other oils

    • Tea tree- for any breakouts or bacteria/fungal infections

  4. Apply oils

    After you have your oils, it’s time to apply them! You want to make sure you have a carrier oil as essential oils are strong and potent so you need to protect your skin. I use coconut oil but grape seed, olive, almond, and other oils work too. I mix it in my hand, drop 1-3 drops of each oil depending on what I need and apply it to that area. I wash my hands and apply to the next one. I always apply oils to the bottom of my feet and then cover my feet in socks to lock in the oils. Your big toe and ball of your foot are the places oils enter into your system the quickest.

    Example: DigestZen+ lavender on stomach, Peppermint on chest, Lavender on dry spot, Tea tree on pimple + face

  5. Let soak in

    Don’t immediately jump into bed or into clothes. Let your body absorb the oil for about 2-10 minutes for best results.

That’s it! Doing this routine nightly helps to support your body’s current needs. It also allows you to become more in tune with your body and you’ll find yourself starting to pick up on even in the day what you need. Our bodies are our best doctor, indicator, and teacher so we have to listen to them!

Try this routine out and let me know what changes you see in the comments!

- A