How + Why To Dry Brush



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There are some things you come to love that perfectly fit into your life and routine with ease. For me, those two things are jade rolling and dry brushing. Because of my love for them, I must share it with you otherwise it’d be a crime to not tell you how incredible dry brushing is.


What’s dry brushing?


Okay, let’s start with the basics for any newbies here. Dry brushing is when you use a bristle brush to “brush” your skin. It is done when your skin is dry so usually before a shower or when you wake up. It can be done wet but that’s a whole other blog post.


How do you do it?


Before I get into the amazing reasons WHY you should do it, I want to teach you how. There are a few different methods but I’ll share my two favorite ones.

Choose when:


  • Before a shower (my personal favorite so you can wash off the dead skin)

  • When you wake up (great for energy and circulation)

  • At night (great for draining lymphatic system before you sleep)

  • Obviously you can choose other times but these are the most common ones



Choose how:


  • Start in small circles at the bottom of your legs and work up (always towards the heart) skipping over sensitives areas or going lightly around the stomach + brushing arms down towards heart

  • Start in small straight strokes at the bottom of your legs and working up towards the heart but going in a circulation motion on the stomach to mimic digestion

There you have it. Pretty simple right? You’ll want to focus on any areas that are puffy, inflamed (avoid scratches/wounds), have cellulite, have bumps, or need exfoliation.


Why even do it?


This is my favorite part because now I get to gush about WHY you should be doing this. And you should be. Here’s what it does.

It exfoliates the skin and clothes off dead skin cells. It also brightens your skin because the dead skin has been removed.

It helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite because it brings proper circulation of the area.



It reduces inflammation in the body by draining the lymphatic system and getting your blood pumping.

It drains the lymphatic systems which removes toxins, strengthens your immune system, and gets rid of puffiness.

Helps to fight any ingrown hairs (ouch!) and leaves your body smoother than before but be sure to moisturize after. It also helps to make the shaving process smoother and easier.

Gives you energy as your blood is properly circulating and body is warmed up and ready to go!

Lastly, it stimulates nerve endings which basically means it feels really good. Experiment with the pressure you like and go easy on those sensitive areas especially around your neck and stomach.


So I just have one final question. If you’re not dry brushing already, what are you waiting on?! Here’s my favorite dry brush that’s easy to use and convenient to carry anywhere, especially when traveling.



What benefits are you wanting to see from dry brushing? Let us know in the comments!

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