5 Coffee Substitutions


Let’s be honest. Coffee is delicious. I’m more of a mocha kinda woman but even if you like it black, pumpkin spiced, or venti, coffee isn’t great for us. 

It is delicious but unfortunately can increase stress, anxiety, and raises our cortisol levels. If you suffer from anxiety or adrenal fatigue this is the blog for you. Even if you’re just trying to cut back on the amount of caffeine you drink, this is going to be your golden ticket. 

Coffee actually causes our bodies to act as though we’re in an acute stressful situation. This means our bodies produce cortisol and can make us anxious and it even puts stress on out gut and takes blood away from things like our digestion. 

So while I love sipping my mocha, I make sure to make it a treat. But let’s be honest, there’s a time in your day when you drink coffee so we need something new to fill that time with. 

Here are my top 5 healthy substitutions for decreasing caffeine and coffee consumption: 

1 Decaf Tea 

Tea can actually be really powerful and full of antioxidants. Just opt for a decaf option and top off with coconut sugar, agave, or honey if you’re not vegan. I love herbal tea while I’m working. 

2 Kombucha 

Oh girl you knew this was coming. Kombucha actually does contain caffeine but it is much less than a cup of coffee and is full of probiotics which are great for restoring the good bacteria in your gut, clearing up your skin, reducing anxiety, and getting those regular poops. (I know some of you are drinking coffee for that reason, don’t lie to me.)

3 Water…lemon but any kind is good 

Water has actually been shown to increase your energy more sustainably over time than coffee. So get to sipping. Check out this blog post to see how I switch up what’s in my water throughout the day. 

4 Chai Tea/Latte

I love a good chai. It’s fun, spiced, and so cozy. Grab it as a tea or with a nut milk! 

5 Decaf coffee 

If you cannot escape coffee, opt for decaf with little to no sugar. It’s still delicious just won’t cause you to stress out. 

If all else fails, cut down your coffee consumption by at least one cup a day and watch your stress start to decrease over time! 

What is your favorite non-coffee beverage? Let me know in the comments!