You Have The Answers: How To Create Space


One thing we’re not taught in school or class or really by anyone is that we have the power and answers.

There’s always a time and place for outside help, motivation, and support. But too often we look outwards before inwards. Stop looking for someone else to tell you what your body is already desperately trying to say to you.

I do this all of the time too. In 2019 one of my main goals is to create space. Space to think. To be. To breathe. To listen to myself. Before if I was feeling low in energy, I would have just pushed through or forced myself to muster up some “fresh” energy.

If I wanted chocolate, I would have ignored it and willed myself through it. Now, this is not an excuse to eat 3 chocolate bars or stay in bed all day.

But I’m finding a balance this year in listening to myself. Really asking myself: “What do you need?” And then WAITING. This is the hardest and if you’re impatient like me, you won’t want to wait for the answer. You’ll just want to give into your first impulse.

For example, when I meal plan for the week I usually like really really hardy meals like burgers, fries, curries, etc. But this week while I was looking at recipes on Pinterest, I was not attracted to anything heavy. My body was craving salads and fresh fruits and veggies which does not happen often. So I listened and made a giant pad thai salad I’ve been eating and loving it.

I’ve been practicing this idea of listening to myself with essential oils and skincare too. I’ll take time to look at and smell my oils before putting them into the diffuser and really feel out what I want. Sometimes it’s what I thought and others I never would have made that combo in a hundred years. With skincare, I’ve been really trying to assess my skin each day and see what I need (moisturizer, vitamin c serum, frankincense, or a thick night cream).

This process makes me feel uncomfortable. It sometimes weirdly makes me want to cry and feel all of the feels. But I’m leaning into this uncomfortableness in 2019. I’m creating space. I’m listening to my body and needs and trying to respond in the best way possible. Even if that means a quick 30 minute nap or using lavender during the day or eating kale when I normally hate kale.

It’s okay to listen to yourself. Here’s your permission slip to listen to yourself in 2019.

I hope that you find this process of getting in tune with you body’s desires and needs one of peace, excitement, health, and joy. Do something today you really need to do. You’ll fall in love with how your body starts to respond.

Remember, you hold the power and answers.