Being Your Own Health Advocate


Having other people support you and cheer you on is incredible. It’s important and necessary to some extent in life. However, you have to know how to push through when you don’t have those people supporting you because they won’t always be there. There won’t always be someone on the sidelines rooting for you.

The modern Western health care system is set up today so you don’t have to do much thinking. It’s also set up so you’re a number that gets moved along. Doctors barely have time for 15 minutes with you. Which is not their fault at all but a result of the commercialized and capitalistic society that governs the system. (I will proceed to stay on my soap box)

One thing I’ve learned over the course of my health journey is you HAVE to be your own advocate. Expect no one else to care about your health. Again, this is not because people are cruel and don’t care, they just either don’t have the time or knowledge. Expect that you will be the only one rooting for yourself.

This means that when you go to a medical practitioner, you have to advocate for yourself and not let them just tell you what to do. Assume of course that they are trained medical professionals but here is what I do.

  • Before deciding to take medicine, ask what other lifestyle changes you could make or ask to be referred to a naturopath, dietician, health coach, etc.

  • If you think that you may have something in particular, ask them about that or ask to get specific tests done

  • Tell them what supplements you take

  • Always come prepared with specific questions and make sure I get an answer or a follow up to get the answer

  • Don’t just say yes immediately to any medicine- ask about alternatives, ingredients, etc.

I teach people how to listen to themselves so they can be their own advocate with themselves or with others. You are the best doctor you can have. This, of course, is not to say doctors or medical professionals aren’t needed or aren’t amazing at times. But know that you must advocate for yourself and not to just accept what they tell you as Gospel.

What’s one way you’ve advocated for yourself and your health? Share with us in the comments.