5 Ways To Use Lemon Essential Oil


It’s no secret that lemon would probably be my favorite and most used essential oil out of all of them. I use a full bottle (250 drops) usually once a month because I’m so obsessed. Here are my top 5 ways I use this golden oil.

*remember I only recommend ingesting and using doTERRA essential oils for the quality, sourcing, and potency. Please do not ingest any other brand of essential oils.

In Your Water

This one is obvious but I aim for 1 drop per 4-8 oz of water. It makes a great addition to a drink, regular water, hot ACV water in the morning, or even tea. I never use restaurant lemons because of pesticides and uncleanliness so I always have my lemon bottle on me.

To Clean Gunk Off

If something’s sticky, lemon can help remove it. I use 1 drop on a sticker, rub in, and let sit for 1-2 minutes. Then peel it or scrape it right on off! It also works with gum or anything sticky in places it shouldn’t be.

To Uplift My Mood

Any citrus oil is amazing in uplifting your mood and helping to clear out all of the bad feelings going on. I love to diffuse it in combination with something like peppermint or citrus bliss to really energize me and leave me feeling happy!

To Clean Anything

I use lemon to clean cuts, scrapes, counter tops, clothes, floors, my diffuser, you name it. I have an all purpose spray with OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate, lemon, water, and vinegar and a glass cleaner spray with lemon, water, and vinegar. It also cleans your phone or appliances with one drop straight on to the device or a damp cotton ball. Lemon is antibacterial and my go to for cleaning. One drop in your hand also makes a great DIY hand sanitizer.

Get Dirt Off Of Food

I don’t always buy organic and even if I do, there is still dirt and reside that can be on it. I wash my fruits and veggies with either water and 1-2 drops of lemon in a bowl and let sit for 5ish minutes or I add 1 pump of OnGuard foaming hand soap and let sit. This helps to get off wax, germs, residue, and bacteria on the food.

There really are hundreds of other ways you can use lemon but these are some of my favorites! Which ones are you going to try? Share with us in the comments.