4 Simple Healthy Habits + Why To Adopt Them


I use to believe being healthy was extremely complicated. You had to have macros counted, only eat certain things, drink liquid before but not during a meal, do this kind of exercise, it was all so much. 

 When I finally gave in to the thought that I didn’t know it all and the thought that I was open to being an experiment, I found what truly worked. Today, I teach people how to create this lifestyle and maintain it for themselves. I wanted to share 4 of my favorite easy healthy habits that will help you uplevel your health anywhere you are. 

2. Drink more lemon water (+ first thing in the morning) 

This is not news that I want you to start your day with lemon! Drinking more water is going to help flush everything out, get your bowels moving, and keep you hydrated so all systems and organs in your body can function at an optimal level. Drink up!

2. Take 15 minutes to plan out your week ahead 

This simple practice has CHANGED my entire life. Plan out your workouts, meals, when you’re going to cook, your routines, and your specific goals. Seriously planning is the key to staying on top of everything. 

3. Roll on an immune boosting roller ball every single morning 

This one may seem simple but it prevents you from getting sick and there’s nothing more derailing than a cold or other illness. I roll my FLOOM roller ball on my wrists and lymph nodes in my neck every single morning and night. This is such a special moment for myself because every single day I know I’m doing one more thing to give my body the best chance to stay healthy. Plus I just feel so much love for myself when I do it. Add saying three things you’re grateful for while you roll on the oils. 

4. Make up your bed (not for the reason you think)  

Here’s why you want to make your bed. Yes, it helps kick start you into productivity and gives you a clean space. I don’t care about that. But wait and hear me out before you run off telling Brendon Burchard I don’t make my bed to perform at a higher level. I make my bed so it feels spa like and luxurious when I get in it. I want to create the perfect environment in my room at night to relax. I have a salt lamp, a lamp, dark curtains, a crisply made white fluffy bed, and oils diffusing. This helps my sleep to be effortless and deep. So make your bed if for no other reason than to make your sleep a little extra luxurious. 

Creating healthy habits isn’t always easy. Stick with one until you really have created a strong foundation for it then move onto another and another and continue to add on! Health can be simple. Just start with lemon. 

What are your favorite healthy habits? Share with us in the comments!