3 Must Have Wellness Products In Your Travel Bag


Whenever I travel I want to feel energized, well, and mentally clear. Unfortunately, due to long trips, airplane air, the food, or a whole host of other reasons it can be easy to feel like crap while you travel or when you get to your destination. Not anymore!

I always make sure I have my wellness necessities with me anywhere I go. While this 3 part list is not exhaustive (you know I have sooo much more in my bag), it is a great start to making sure you feel well the whole time you’re traveling around! No matter if you’re going to a nearby city or halfway across the world, you need to have these with you!

A water bottle

Make it cute, easy, and accessible. Plus make sure it’s a kind that won’t splash all over your face if you’re walking or on a bumpy car ride. Keep it empty and fill it up past security in an airport or bring it with you anywhere you go touring around. Gotta stay hydrated!

A diffuser

You know I have to have my diffuser with me. I use my Lumo diffuser but you can pick up any one you want. I use it to clean the air in my room as soon as I get settled in and then of course at night to help my sleep and beat any jet lag.


If you’re not taking probiotics, we need to have a quick chat. Probiotics are the good bacteria. We always need a balance of the good and bad. Stress, traveling, and not great food can put our gut heavily out of balance and therefore cause us to get sick, have mood swings, and break out. Yikes! I take a probiotic daily and 2 on any days I’m feeling really stressed or like I need extra support. This kind is time release and has a protective coating to prevent your stomach acid from eating it. It’s the good stuff!

Like I said, there is oh so much more that goes into my travel bag to keep me healthy but start with these and you’ll be on your way to a healthy and well trip, vacation, or retreat!

What are your must haves in your bag to keep you well? Share in the comments!