3 Apps That Will Improve Your Health

We’re constantly told to reduce our phone usage, cut down the amount of apps we use, and clean up our home screens. While I am a big proponent of all of these things, technology doesn’t have to be an enemy to our health.

In fact, using the right apps, we can actually enhance our health. Here are my top 3 apps to improve your health.


I talk about this app and how mediation has changed my life in this blog post. I love meditating every night and this gives you a wide variety of options to choose from, keeps track of your goals, and will even send you reminders if you want to meditate.


This app allows you to look at the toxic levels of the products you’re using. You can scan products, food, cleaners, and more to discover how toxic something is and if you should start to look for alternatives or not. It’s a great app to help you reduce your toxic load.

Health App.

This is an iPhone app but I’m sure Android has something similar. I like to look at how much I’ve slept and my activity level each day. It’s a good way to track how consist your sleep is, when you go to bed, and if you need more movement in your life (hint: you probably do).

Technology can and should be used to help improve our health, lives, brain function, and much more. We just have to use it wisely.

What are your favorite apps to improve your health?