How To Develop Healthy Habits Easily

healthy habits

Okay, it’s not easy to have healthy habits. In fact, it can be kinda hard. Especially if you’ve been implementing unhealthy habits for a long time.

Come closer. Closer. Okay, back up,geez. Perfect. I’m about to tell you the secret to developing healthy habits In an easy method. Ready? Lets go!

  1. Recognize the bad habit

    Simple. Eating too much at night? Recognize that.

  2. Identify triggers

    We all have triggers for our habits. Is it that you’re stressed at night? Do you get in a fight with your kids and turn to food? Or maybe you’re just really bored.

  3. What habit do you want to replace It with?

    This is KEY. You are going to do seomthign during that time that you are performing the bad habit. So what would you like to replace it with? This is where we find the “time” for our healthy habit!

  4. Change your environment

    and your triggers! Clean out your pantry, put a book by your night stand to encourage reading, or change up your environment so you’re not triggered to do the bad habit but YOU ARE TRIGGERED to do the good habit.

  5. Accountability

    Keep yourself accountable. Make a money jar that you have to put in every time you eat at night. Or put a rubber band around your wrist and flick it every time you go reaching for food. Do what will actually keep you accountable.

Developing healthy habits is easiest when we start replacing it with a habit. Maybe it’s looking at your phone at night, not cooking meals, watching too much TV, laying on the couch during your workout time, or skipping your skincare in the morning.

Listen. You have the time. You just have to find out where it is, replace a habit, and keep yourself accountable and you’ll be off! Try to implement this for 30 days straight for your activity to become an ingrained habit.

What habit are you going to replace? Share in the comments!